BlueLock Offers CloudSuite Management Solution

BlueLock and service partner VMware team up to offer cost-conscious businesses a suite of cloud computing management offerings.

Cloud computing and managed IT services provider BlueLock announced CloudSuite, a set of cloud computing solutions, offering a selection of infrastructure-as-a-service environments to fit the needs of individual applications. The company is marketing CloudSuite as an array of public and private cloud computing solutions aimed at SMBs (small and midsize businesses).

CloudSuite includes public computing options BlueLock vCloud Express, BlueLock Virtual Cloud Professional and BlueLock Virtual Cloud Enterprise, which offer users a range from self-service all the way to tailored and managed enterprise environments. CloudSuite also offers virtual private cloud solutions which can be secured on-premise or off-premise. Each computing solution is based on VMware virtualization technology.

"As our clients have continued to push us to offer different classes of cloud services, we've realized one size does not fit all when it comes to cloud computing," said John Qualls, president and CEO of BlueLock. "The BlueLock CloudSuite was developed with the understanding that every application has different needs, so rather than force-fitting your application into a cloud, you can pick and choose the right solution for higher efficiency and performance at the right price."

The Cloud Express solution is suited for test and development teams, startup environments as well as departmental needs and offers self-service abilities, which allow clients to log in and start testing in minutes without any assistance from BlueLock. Payment is billed directly to a credit card, the company said. Virtual Cloud Professional is aimed at clients who need a production environment hosted and managed by outside professionals.

Virtual Cloud Enterprise is pitched to life sciences, financial services, government clients and more who have strict compliance, performance and disaster recovery needs. Virtual Cloud Enterprise offers a scalable cloud-hosting environment designed specifically for mission-critical applications. The Virtual Private Cloud solution is a 100 percent virtual, fully managed, encapsulated private cloud environment that can be installed at a user's data center or inside the BlueLock facility. Wherever the cloud is located, it has its own dedicated capacity and security features, but with the ability to burst into the BlueLock Cloud.

"As a top VMware vCloud service provider partner, BlueLock continues to demonstrate that it is innovative and ahead of the curve in understanding their clients' needs," said Dan Chu, vice president of cloud infrastructure and services for VMware. "The dynamic combination of the industry-leading VMware platform and BlueLock's secure and reliable cloud hosting and infrastructure expertise provides the confidence needed to run vital applications in the most efficient manner for all types of clients - from developers to Fortune 500 enterprises."