Bocada Offers Data Protection Service Management Platform

Prism Lite provides the ability to determine the health of the overall data protection environment.

Bocada, the creator of the Data Protection Service Management (DPSM) model, announced the launch of Prism Lite, which provides the ability to determine the overall health of data protection environments at organizations with less than 500 data protection clients in-house.

Prism Lite is available through Bocada's channel of VARs and managed service provider (MSP) partners.
Targeted at small to medium-size businesses or individual departments in large enterprise organizations that need to better manage their data protection environments, Prism Lite provides the ability to determine the health of the overall data protection environment, troubleshoot problem areas and trend use over time for auditing, capacity planning and policy management purposes.
The full version of Bocada Prism is sold on a per unit basis at a list price of $150 a unit while Prism Lite is sold by license tier: Tier 1 is up to 100 clients under management; Tier 2 is for up to 250 managed clients; and Tier 3 is for up to 500 clients managed. The company said the resulting price points are significantly lower than equivalent unit counts for the full Prism product-a savings of as much as 60 percent, a Bocada release noted.
"While organizations of any size need to be sure that their backup environment is operating at 100 percent and is able to fully protect their business-critical information, smaller organizations often do not have access to the equivalent resources that larger organizations do and often find themselves operating without a safety net," said Nancy Hurley, CEO of Bocada. "For organizations that may feel they don't presently need the advanced features of Bocada Prism to navigate through the full DPSM process but are concerned with maintaining the overall health of their data protection environments, we have designed Prism Lite as an opportune way to bring sophisticated reporting in house for a very affordable price."
The company also noted customers that are interested in additional DPSM functionality, including advanced problem management, SLA compliance management and analysis, policy management and change analysis, and a built-in workflow at a later date can upgrade from Prism Lite to the full version of Bocada Prism. The database from Prism Lite is fully transferable to Bocada Prism, which is designed to make the upgrade path smoother and help ensure organizations can continue to meet business goals and improve operational efficiencies.