BoinxTV Moves to Apple's Snow Leopard OS

Boinx Software's video production software upgrades to Version 1.4, now operable with Apple's latest operating system--Snow Leopard.

Germany software company Boinx has updated BoinxTV, its live-video production software, to support Axis network cameras and help streamline the production workflow.

The entire recording engine of Version 1.4, which is free for all current BoinxTV users, has been rewritten for better extensibility and performance, according to the company.

BoinxTV is a tool for creating live to disk, live to Internet, and live to stage video, jointly developed by Boinx Software and TheCodingMonkeys, a Macintosh software company based in Munich. With BoinxTV, users can create studio shows, podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews and so on, using a Mac computer and multiple cameras. The program requires either an Intel-based Mac with discrete graphics from ATI or Nvidia or the latest PowerMac G5 with ATI graphics and a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

Additional new layers include an iPhone demo layer, a Quick Look layer that allows you to display almost any file within your BoinxTV recording and a Sports Standings layer that reads an

BoinxTV 1.4 is available as a free update for existing BoinxTV users, and a free demo license is available for 30 days. The single-license of BoinxTV is available for $499 at the Boinx Kagi Store. The BoinxTV Sponsored Edition, which is priced at $199, requires a credit for BoinxTV in every video created with BoinxTV, the company notes.

"If you are not moving to Snow Leopard with BoinxTV 1.4, you are missing out on twice the speed and more in some areas of the application," said Boinx CEO Oliver Breidenbach. "And there is a lot more potential still to be realized in Snow Leopard that we will leverage in future versions."

In June, Boinx and TheCodingMonkeys won the Apple Design Award 2009, which recognizes technical innovation and outstanding achievement in iPhone and Mac software development. "BoinxTV is an extraordinary example of what's possible with Mac OS X and sets a very high standard for usability, innovation and broad Mac OS X technology adoption," explained the Apple jury. "BoinxTV makes extensive use of graphics and media technologies in Mac OS X, enabling video effects not previously seen in real time on the platform."