Bomgar Updates Privileged Access Management Platform

Privileged Access Management 15.3 introduces new capabilities that further fortify security while also streamlining access for privileged users.

bomgar and access management

Secure access solutions specialist Bomgar released the latest version of its Privileged Access Management solution, which enables security professionals to control, monitor and manage access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors.

With Bomgar, privileged users access secure systems without a virtual private network (VPN), which can reduce the risk of attackers gaining a foothold in a secure network through a compromised VPN connection.

Privileged Access Management 15.3 introduces new capabilities that further fortify security while streamlining access for privileged users and improving user administration.

"We live in a world where people are more mobile than ever before, and businesses rely on maintaining strong connections with customers and partners via the Internet or other cloud services," Matt Dircks, CEO of Bomgar, told eWEEK. "While this provides amazing opportunities to deliver unique value to customers and markets, it also creates a complex challenge to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive resources and systems."

Dircks said it’s almost a statistical certainty that every hack or exploit will in some way, shape or form leverage privileged access to execute an attack, noting that hackers can’t modify or change things unless they have privileged access, making privileged users the most desired target for attackers.

"Since most companies have no idea how many privileged users exist within their business or extended value chain, it creates a huge opportunity for hackers to exploit," he explained. "To mitigate this risk, companies have to implement tools and processes that provide better visibility and control over privileged access."

A new Web console enables faster remote access for privileged users who are unable to install software on their own desktop environments or require the ability to gain access from anywhere, while mobile access console enhancements allow security professionals to manage, monitor and approve privileged access from their iOS or Android device.

New native multifactor authentication capabilities improve security without requiring external integrations or additional costs for token-based authentication systems, and Bomgar integrates with existing change management systems to facilitate advanced approval workflows for authorized access to critical systems and infrastructure.

"There will be a growing prevalence of solutions that allow much greater control and auditing of the entire third-party connection," Dircks said. "As more and more companies have to outsource and leverage third parties and vendors, they need to proportionally control and monitor those vendors much like they’ve been working on their internal security postures. They’ll need to start treating third parties like internal users, and have them adhere to the same, if not stricter, security and audit controls of insiders."