Brainshark Launches myBrainshark Pro

Users of myBrainshark, a multimedia presentation platform, can apply Pro features to any presentation they've created for a monthly fee of $9.99 per presentation - with a 10 percent discount applied when users create and store five presentations with Pro-level features and a 20 percent discount for 10 or more. A presentation's Pro status can also be "turned off" at any time - letting users apply the Pro functionality to another presentation without additional costs.

Brainshark, a provider of on-demand presentations, announced the availability of myBrainshark Pro, providing enhanced functionality to users of myBrainshark, a site that lets businesses create, share and track voice-enriched, multimedia presentations for free. The features available through myBrainshark Pro, including privacy and analytic options, are aimed at helping small-office/home-office (SOHO) professionals and individual business users deliver multimedia communications in a more targeted and measurable way.
The privacy and analytic options available with myBrainshark Pro make it possible to send targeted presentations as part of a lead generation campaign, deliver business information or training-related content and create a "talking r??«sum??«" for a potential employer. In each case, Brainshark's tracking features provide information about a presentation's reach, impact and interest from viewers. myBrainshark Pro subscriptions start at $9.99 per month, which allows users to apply the following features to a particular presentation: Share a presentation privately, apply password protection, add a guestbook, create and send personalized URLs, and access and run viewing reports.
"As we work to educate clients, myBrainshark has played a vital role-letting us distribute our thought leadership for free, and even sell helpful content online," said Kenny Erickson, owner of A&Z Credit Restoration. "Now, as a myBrainshark Pro user, we've really upped our game. In particular, the guestbook feature has already dramatically improved the effectiveness of our outreach, and the detailed tracking information we receive is crucial to conducting the proper sales follow-up as we continue to grow our business."
Whereas myBrainshark currently provides access to anonymous and aggregate viewing data, a Pro subscription gives a whole new level of specificity, aiding in timely follow-up with viewers. Users can access viewing reports online and/or opt to receive alerts via e-mail, sent after someone has watched their presentation. These reports show information including who viewed the presentation, when, how much content was consumed and how any survey questions were answered.
"myBrainshark Pro represents another step in Brainshark's vision of enabling businesspeople to easily create and deliver high-impact, multimedia content," said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. "We're pleased to build on the free myBrainshark site we introduced last fall with new, advanced features now available for SOHO and individual business users. With the expanded functionality, these individuals can better drive responses from the audiences they need to reach and measure the precise impact of their communications."