Businesses Look to MSPs for IT Security Needs

The CompTIA survey found 38 percent of companies say enhancing IT security is one of the main drivers leading to MSP engagement.

msps and comptia

More than two-thirds of organizations (68 percent) currently outsource IT security services to a managed service provider (MSP), according to a survey of 350 technology and services users. CompTIA, a non-profit organization conducted the survey.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents said enhancing IT security is one of the main drivers leading to MSP engagement, and going through an MSP puts companies at less risk.

Roughly four in 10 end users think the method in which their IT is managed is working fine as currently structured, but 61 percent believe there is room for improvement, including 9 percent that said IT management methods could be significantly better than they are today. In 2013, by comparison, 82 percent said their firm’s IT management methods could be somehow improved.

Organizations are primarily using third- party providers for repair or troubleshooting of IT systems, general IT consulting, deployment, installation or integration of technology, and to handle cyber security projects.

The type of service sought can also depend on the size of a business. For example, 14 percent of larger firms surveyed used an outside firm for call center or customer service activities, compared with just six percent of smaller firms.

In contrast, when it comes to the IT functions within a business, smaller firms (14 percent) were more likely to use an outside provider than larger organizations (8 percent). The report said this is likely attributable to the fact that many very small businesses do not have an IT staff.

In 2013, more than half (58 percent) of organizations used an outside IT provider to deploy, install or integrate technology, but by 2014 that number had dropped to under half (48 percent).

Among the 2014 respondents, an even half said they would consider turning to an outside provider if the need arose, while another 17 percent said they are either evaluating providers now or plan to use one in the future.

A November 2014 study by CompTIA found that more than 90 percent of companies are using some form of cloud computing, a strong indication that the cloud has quickly become an essential ingredient of modern IT.

The same study also found that more companies are relying on cloud computing for everyday business processes, including 59 percent for storage, 48 percent for business continuity and disaster recovery, and 44 percent for security.