Canon Launches Therefore Online SMB Workflow App

Advanced features offered by Canon's Therefore Online SMB app include structured index fields, full text search, mobile access and automatic version control.

canon and smbs

Canon U.S.A. announced the availability of Therefore Online SMB, an information management and workflow application that provides small and medium-sized businesses with a scalable solution designed to simplify content capture and storage.

The platform offers the same tools as Canon's Therefore 2016 and is designed for companies with minimal IT support and accelerate the time it takes for a customer to begin the application.

"In today's complex small-business environment, organizations need a workflow and information-management solution that simplifies content capture and storage, while helping them complete processes as efficiently as possible," Steve Pearl, manager of product marketing, business imaging solutions group, strategic solutions marketing for Canon, told eWEEK.

Pearl explained an enterprise often has the luxury of an IT department to address IT concerns, but often an SMB will not have this advantage.

"Fortunately, there are also solutions that don't require the involvement of an IT department to get them up and running, and you don't need to be an expert," he said. "This is where a scalable, ready-to-use solutions with minimal setup time can be critical to improving the way information is managed."

Pearl said ease-of-use is essential for an application such as Therefore Online SMB, because time and resources are sparse for SMBs.

"These businesses are in need of applications that help them work smarter and improve business processes quickly," he said. "The goal of Therefore Online SMB is to have customers up and running in 24 to 48 hours with preconfigured solutions that allow SMBs to easily implement workflow efficiency into their business practices."

Benefits include preconfigured options fully indexed and ready to use within 48 hours of purchase, as well as centralized, access controlled document storage, providing disaster recovery benefits.

Other benefits include minimized IT expenditures and use cases and features that can be applied flexibly for SMBs up to large enterprise organizations.

Advanced features offered by Therefore Online SMB include structured index fields, full text search, mobile access and automatic version control, all of which can assist businesses in treating information as an asset and improve the way business communications are managed.

"We expect the adoption of information management and data storage solutions to become widespread within SMBs as these technologies become easier to implement with minimal startup time," Pearl said. "A product like Therefore Online SMB, which can be implemented without a local server and limited IT involvement, is exactly the type of product that will spur increased utilization of these technologies for businesses of all sizes."