CAPS, eGlobal Insight Partner on Failover System

Backup and disaster recovery firms CAPS and eGlobal offer cost-conscious businesses a failover and notification communication telecom system.

Computer Alternative Processing Sites (CAPS), a disaster recovery and business continuity company, and eGlobal Insight, a telecommunications company providing emergency voice and data network systems, announced a partnership to offer afailover and notification communication telecom system to small and midsize and enterprise clients. The system includes modular and multifunctional voice and data capabilities and is being pitched to financial services, insurance, government and security markets.

Under the agreement's terms, eGlobal Insight's system becomes part of the CAPS Total IT Solutions products and services roster, expands its business footprint into the IT infrastructure data center space and selects CAPS as its data center disaster recovery site provider. CAPS and eGlobal Insight will jointly market and offer the system immediately to its clients. The solution allows work area recovery facilities, full workstation capabilities, IT infrastructure services and failover and notification communication systems.

"With this partnership we will offer our clients an outstanding system that incorporates all the functionality needed in times of crisis, from housing personnel in our workstation area to connectivity into their intellectual assets, in a fast and seamless move," said Peter Messina, senior vice president and chief operating officer of CAPS. "The eGI system delivers exceptional client performance and ROI levels."

Features and functionality includes primary, secondary and satellite switching, voice-fax-data content and email capabilities, emergency or telecommuting notification applications, instant automatic and toll-free reroute, D.I.D. capture, hosted call controller, boomerang conferencing, find me/follow me notification, conferencing, polling, user-centered design (UCD) and hunt overflow and a 24/7 toll-free emergency support hotline.

CAPS SAS 70 Type II facilities in Shelton, Connecticut serve the Boston-New York Northeast business corridor, and a 56,000 square-foot metropolitan Atlanta facility serves Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Research firm Forrester Research also named CAPS a "strong performer" in the fixed-site disaster recovery service providers category in its Q1 2008 Wave Report. According to the report, Forrester said CAPS can offer high-performance solutions in its region and boasts very high customer satisfaction levels.

Charles Turcan, president and CEO of eGlobal Insight, said an emergency communications plan must be part of a company's business continuity plan, but it is often impossible to predict the circumstances that will test your plan. "The only way to ensure that your voice and data networks are adequately backed up is to have a resilient system that is always on and ready to respond to any emergency, and now with CAPS we can extend that coverage to a Hot Site capability preconfigured for phone and computer workstations and emergency data backup," he said. "We are extremely pleased to add the services from CAPS to the eGI FailSafe voice recovery system and our AlwaysConnected satellite voice and data emergency network."