Carbonite Enhanced Server Backup Includes Local, Cloud Storage Hybrid

Enhanced Server Backup includes free Valet Installation, including configuration and testing for an unlimited number of backup sets.


Cloud backup solutions specialist Carbonite announced it is bringing enterprise-class database server backup capabilities to the small and midsize business (SMB) market with the introduction of Enhanced Server Backup, which combines local backup with cloud backup.

Enhanced Server Backup is built on the open-source Amanda platform, which has an estimated installed base of more than 1 million computers, and the platform offers hot backup technology to take frequent snapshots of live databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Oracle and MySQL.

Other features include unlimited backup sets to both cloud and local devices, providing an extra layer of redundancy, the ability to run on both Windows and Hyper-V, real-time reporting across backup sets for performance tuning and regulatory compliance, and the ability to capture the complete Windows system state, including Active Directory, system volume, certificate server, boot files, Internet information services (IIS), and registry.

"Two years ago we introduced our Carbonite Business end-point backup solutions. Since then, more than 50,000 small businesses have chosen Carbonite to protect their PCs, Macs and file servers. With the addition of Enhanced Server Backup, we now provide enterprise-class database and system state backups so that our customers can rely on one vendor for all their backup, archiving and data protection needs," David Friend, CEO and chairman of Carbonite, said in a statement.

Enhanced Server Backup includes free Valet Installation, including configuration and testing for an unlimited number of backup sets. With the release of Enhanced Server Backup, small businesses can now back up their servers, databases and an unlimited number of computers for $999.99 per year, including 500GB of cloud storage. Existing Carbonite BusinessPremier subscribers may add Enhanced Server Backup for $399.99. Additional managed services can be purchased for a per-use fee, a company statement explained.

"By combining Enhanced Server Backup with our current end-point backup solutions, we are providing comprehensive protection for small businesses–securely, affordably and supported by our 200-plus person, U.S.-based technical support organization," Friend said. "No company can match the range of backup solutions that Carbonite now provides. We continue our commitment to disruptive pricing by including a minimum of 250GB of cloud storage with every subscription. Storage may be shared between all of a business’ computers. Additional cloud storage costs less than 9 cents per gigabyte per month."

For complete data privacy and regulatory compliance, businesses can use AES-256 encryption for both local and cloud storage with private keys, and all data is uploaded to the cloud using a secure socket layer (SSL) connection. Since there are no limits to the number of computers or databases that can share one subscription, IT managers are able to back up every computer and database in the company, not just the most critical servers.