Carpathia, Digital Realty Partner on Secure Cloud Operations

Carpathia’s capabilities include services for network, security, server, storage and backup, with adherence to security and compliance standards.

carpathia and digital realty partnership

Carpathia, a cloud operator and provider of compliant cloud services and managed hosting, and Digital Realty Trust, a provider of data center and co-location solutions, announced an alliance to deliver customizable data center solutions, compliant cloud services and managed hosting for enterprise and government clients.

Carpathia’s capabilities include services for network, security, server, storage and backup, along with adherence to security and compliance standards.

Together with Digital Realty, new solutions include modular co-location designs that allow for scalability from a single rack to a private cage or a fully dedicated data center suite, data center strategy guidance and cloud services and managed hosting that meet stringent security and compliance standards, including those for private, community, hybrid and public clouds.

"Enterprises see managed hosting as a key component of their growth and management strategies. The lack of time and resources to tailor internal IT systems and support to meet the need for growing and new applications create unhappy internal and external users," Tim Burke, federal cloud product manager at Carpathia, told eWEEK. "This often results in an expensive, slow to implement, and one-size-fits all solution that rarely meets system owner and user expectations. Enterprises see managed hosting services as a way to meet the expectations of their customers while reducing capital expenditures on a flexible and scalable foundation to manage existing, growing and new applications."

Utilizing virtualization technology and software-defined networking and storage advancements, the alliance is designed to deliver efficient environments and expertise across industries for improved IT infrastructure management.

"The partnership works so enterprises can deploy their public, private or hybrid cloud solution in a trusted and proven facility while choosing the level of managed system support for any of their applications," Burke said. "Enterprises and federal agencies with compliance requirements can leverage these foundational services to meet and maintain their compliance needs whether it be FedRAMP, FISMA, HIPAA or PCI in an environment that has been continually tested."

For example, Carpathia designed and deployed in a Digital Realty data center a highly available, low-latency hybrid cloud environment with connection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for Urban Airship, along with a customized co-location solution to support Altiscale’s Hadoop-as-a-service (HaaS) platform.

Digital Realty boasts a global footprint offering co-location data centers and services in more than 100 locations worldwide, and the company supports the data center and co-location strategies of more than 600 firms across portfolio of data centers located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

"Digital Realty Trust provides co-location and data center services in over 100 locations worldwide while Carpathia brings decades of experience designing, building and operating cloud services and complex and compliant managed hosting solutions to some of the world’s most demanding enterprises and federal agencies," Burke said. "Accelerated growth for both companies has resulted in a services model that allows customers to benefit from Digital Realty’s experience and expertise in hosting facilities management while leveraging Carpathia’s Cloud Operator Managed Services."