Caspio Releases Web Application Platform Bridge 6.5

Caspio launches a search engine optimization (SEO) service and the latest version of cloud-based Web application platform Bridge Version 6.5, aimed at cost-conscious businesses.

Caspio has announced a new version of Caspio Bridge, a cloud computing platform for creating Web applications without programming. Version 6.5 now features enhanced data import, additional natively supported file formats, SEO-enabled database deployment, expanded support for multitable views, smart AutoValues and other upgrades.

The company is offering a free trial of the platform, and small to medium-size businesses (SMB) packages start at $39.95 per month and include space for 10 DataPages. Caspio customers can also access embeddable "anywhere" app deployment and unlimited users.

Other features include intelligent data migration wizards, point-and-click wizards to help users transfer existing data into Caspio Bridge, background data import to enhance productivity during large file uploads, and Microsoft Excel Workbook and Worksheet support, which means Microsoft Excel can now be imported and exported directly. Native import formats were also expanded to include XML, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV, tab delimited, fixed-width text and others.

"Caspio's latest release further empowers business users to create sophisticated applications with ease," said company founder and CEO Frank Zamani. "We are focused on saving our customers time and resources while making complex data management tasks as easy as possible."

The new AutoValue feature in the DataPage wizard enables users' applications to generate and assign frequently used values randomly. Automatically generated AutoValues include random unique IDs, random passwords and random numbers, each with various options for customization. It is now possible to record the IP address of a DataPage user for tracking or auditing purposes. Businesses can also record the DataPage host to track the page URL or domain name where the DataPage is accessed. The maximum allowed text size for long TEXT fields has been increased from 4,000 to 64,000 characters. In addition, TEXT fields from all imported files (including CSV) now automatically default to TEXT(255) during import for optimal DataPage performance.

Caspio also announced a search engine optimization (SEO) package, available for $189.95 per month on Bridge Professional deployments. "Data publishers demand all possible ways to make their data accessible, and SEO-enabled data can mean the difference between a successful or failing operation," said Zamani. "Caspio's new SEO deployment model is a game-changer, opening up unlimited possibilities for our customers to reach search engine users and leverage data for profitable business ventures."

The company said the Caspio Bridge platform powers over 200,000 Web applications for SMBs, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities and more than 80 percent of the largest newspaper Websites in North America.