Catbird Offers vCompliance Enterprise, Essentials Edition

Based on Catbird's v-Security platform, vCompliance combines a rich, automated, 24/7 network sentry system with deep inspection and virtual infrastructure monitoring and aggregates data from multiple sources: network, host and hypervisor.

Catbird, a provider of security and compliance solutions for virtual and physical networks, announced the launch of its vCompliance 1.1 Essentials Edition to provide real-time automated monitoring and enforcement of security and regulatory compliance for physical, virtual and cloud-based IT infrastructure. Catbird is positioning Essentials as ideal for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) that need affordable security and compliance posture, starting at $1,295 per socket. With expanded reporting capabilities for both PCI and HIPAA policy enforcement, vCompliance 1.1 features Catbird's automated policy enforcement for FISMA, DIACAP and SOX with continuous vulnerability management, device access control and validation through Catbird's TrustZones technology.
Offering a full-featured firewall, IDS/IPS, vulnerability management, virtual infrastructure audit, risk heatmaps and TrustZone enforcement across both physical and virtual networks, Catbird Essentials makes it possible for midmarket companies to monitor and manage a compliance framework from a single pane of glass. Catbird said Essentials Edition is ideal for deployment across smaller networks and for companies just beginning to explore virtualization and cloud architecture.
"Many smaller firms are just beginning to discover the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing," said Michael Berman, CISSP, Catbird CTO. "With the Essentials Edition, now they can venture into this new realm with our award-winning, proven compliance product on board from the beginning and launch their deployment securely and with peace of mind."
Engineered for larger businesses, the Enterprise Edition provides full-spectrum audit-friendly compliance monitoring and threat management including virtualized firewall, IDS/IPS, vulnerability management, forensic logging, policy administration, risk heatmaps, inventory and change control and real-time reporting on an organization's compliance posture against third party and in-house compliance standards, along with support for multi-tenancy/cloud capabilities. A dashboard that can be tailored to the needs of regulators and auditors provides an assessment of the compliance status of the new virtualized data center.
"Auditors routinely give a 'thumbs-up' to environments monitored by Catbird," said Tamar Newberger, Catbird's vice president of marketing. "Catbird weaves defense-in-depth security into the virtual and cloud fabric. We have set the standard for compliance by addressing more security controls than any of the competition. Catbird measures the overall security risk of the New Data Center against empirical standards - existing 3rd party or corporate compliance specifications. By building security into the foundation, Catbird's multi-award winning broad set of services can balance the benefits of virtual and cloud infrastructure with expanding and adapting compliance metrics. "