Celeros Releases SmartSAN Storage Appliances

Features include redundant active-active controllers, persistent cache backup and hardware-assisted RAID-6.

Celeros, a provider of data storage appliances, announced the release of the SmartSAN family of next-generation flexible multiprotocol SAN platforms. Designed for high availability and ultra-low power consumption, the platforms can scale to hundreds of terabytes, deliver up to 4GB-per-second throughput, and are aimed at small to medium-size business data centers requiring consolidated centralized storage with high uptime, efficient power usage and certified compatibility with virtualization environments.

The cornerstone of SmartSAN platform is a redundant, modular system design with no single point of failure and ultra-low power consumption. The SmartSAN XT23S family utilizes next-generation 6G-bps SAS backplane technology and the new high-performance dual-port SAS drives with 6G-bps interface to deliver flexible, high-performance platforms with single or dual active-active controllers. Each XT23S-FC Fibre Channel controller delivers four 8G-bps host ports, while XT23S-iSCSI controllers are each equipped with four 1G-bps iSCSI interfaces.

Other features include redundant active-active controllers, persistent cache backup, hardware-assisted RAID-6 and proactive drive health monitoring, which are designed to ensure the stored data is protected and continuously available.

"Up to now, highly available, fully redundant and power-efficient data storage products came with big price tags," said Hossein Alaee, CEO of Celeros. "Celeros SmartSAN not only delivers the high level of reliability and uptime affordably but, with its ultra-low power consumption, enables our SMB customers to realize substantial savings in their operational costs."

Earlier this year, the company announced its storage platforms based on SAS-2 and the latest innovations in processor and interconnect technologies for EzSAN, EzNAS and EzSANFiler lines of products. High-speed backplanes utilizing the latest generation of SAS-2 components and the latest incarnation of processor, memory and interconnect technologies (Nehalem, DDR3, PCIe 2.0) make up the building blocks of the products.

"As demand for capacity, speed and reliability in complex virtualized environments with mission-critical applications rises relentlessly, IT professionals find it increasingly challenging to satisfy these demands in a cost-effective way and within budgets, especially in the current economic climate," said Alaee. "Celeros' next-generation SAS-2 storage platforms are designed from the ground up to deliver greater performance, reliability, capacity and value to satisfy enterprises' demanding requirements."

Celeros also offers the XF Series storage solution that brings together Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 and advances in networked storage technology in an integrated Universal Storage Architecture with support for SAN (iSCSI) and NAS (CIFS, NFS). Celeros has been a Microsoft Certified partner for years, and XD and XF Series have been certified for compatibility with past and present Windows releases.