CipherOptics Announces Multi-Layer 10G bps Encryptor

The multilayer IPsec encryption appliance allows for transparent and scalable security for high-speed networks.

CipherOptics released its multilayer 10G bps network-encryption appliance, the CEP10G. With the CEP10G, organizations can help secure their high-speed network connections. Compatible with the Group Encryption solution, CipherEngine, the CEP10G extends the benefits of tunnel-less encryption to high-performance data centers, government networks, private clouds and high-frequency trading and communication applications.
The CEP10G will be available in limited quantities in April 2011, with general availability in June 2011. Available as both a standalone point-to-point solution or as part of a CipherEngine-enabled group-encryption solution, the CEP10G will offer the highest level of data protection at Layer 2, Layer 3 or Layer 4. The platform is also designed to allow customers to add high-speed connections to existing CipherEngine deployments without additional upgrades to their network infrastructures.
"Companies that adopt 10G bps, do so with a view towards the performance and advantages it provides," said Nick Lippis, independent industry analyst and publisher of the Lippis Report. "The availability of a security solution that protects data without compromising the performance characteristics of 10 gig is a welcomed addition to the market."
CipherEngine's ability to secure data flows at different layers is designed to provide security administrators with flexible encryption options and a solution that is easy to install and manage. The company said the solution's low cost of ownership/management and its transparency to network services makes it ideal as an EAAS (Encryption as a Service) offering for network-service providers or MSSPs (managed-security service providers) looking to extend their security offerings to high-speed connections.
"Over the past year, we have seen strong interest in a 10G bit version of our multilayer encryptors from both our existing customer base as well as the growing number of new clients," said Thomas Gill, CEO of CipherOptics. "The ability to secure high-speed connections without impacting performance is especially appealing to organizations trying to balance data security and compliance requirements with high-performance networking."
Earlier this week, the company completed a $21 million financing, led by current investor Adams Capital Management. The round included new investors Blue Heron Capital, Intuitive Venture Partners, Next Stage Capital, Kestrel Asset Management and others. CipherOptics also announced the addition of Mike Kane from Kestrel Asset Management and network-industry veteran John Gerdelman to the CipherOptics' board of directors.