Clearfly Teams with DiVitas Networks for Mobile UC Services

DiVitas says its mobile UC service allows customers to leverage existing WLAN and PBX investments while cutting cell costs and improving the quality of mobile communications.

Mobile Unified Communications company DiVitas Networks announced Clearfly Communications, an infrastructure-based provider of integrated communications solutions for small and midsize businesses, is selling its mobile UC solution, branded by Clearfly as Mobile SIP, as a managed service to its customers throughout the Western United States.
Clearfly offers integrated service packages in 14 Western states, excluding California and Nevada. Its customers, companies that range in size from 10 to 500 employees, are deploying DiVitas Mobile UC as a managed service in an effort to help SMBs reduce cellular costs and improve productivity while leveraging their PBX and Wi-Fi investments.
With DiVitas Mobile UC, individuals can roam between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, ensuring no dropped calls. However, calls are placed and received via free Wi-Fi if a Wi-Fi signal is available. Clearfly says seamless roaming to Wi-Fi saves on mobile-communications costs by reducing the number of monthly cellular minutes used.
"Layering DiVitas Mobile UC on top of an existing mobile-communications infrastructure is easy for our customers-and they begin realizing benefits from day one," says Clearfly CEO Mauro Calvi. "Cellular bills typically drop immediately, and voice quality improves right away-our customers are on the way to realizing cost savings and improved productivity as soon as they start using DiVitas."
The managed service provider installs the CPE (customer premises equipment) at its customer locations then deploys and manages the mobile UC solution. The company says this managed-services model for mobile UC is practical for the SMB-sized customer it serves. As IT organizations downsize, or are expected to do more with the same staff, Clearfly argues that third parties and managed services can help small businesses do more with less.
With mobile UC, voice coverage is continuous, but free Wi-Fi calls offload cellular minutes to reduce costs. The average Clearfly customer spends between $90 and $100 per month, per mobile user. By using DiVitas, the company says customers are able to shave up to 30 percent off that cost by lowering their cellular usage in favor of Wi-Fi.
"The tougher the financial conditions, the harder organizations look for ways to stretch their dollars," says Calvi. "Companies want to take advantage of the significant investment they've already made in their PBXs and their wireless LANs, and they want maximum value from their corporate smartphone purchases. DiVitas Mobile UC meets these challenges head on."