Clearwire Offers SMBs 4G Wireless Broadband Service

All versions of the service, which run on the company’s 4G network in approximately 80 cities across the United States, are available beginning March 18.

Clearwire, a provider of 4G wireless broadband services, is reaching out to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) looking to reap the benefits of high-speed wireless Web access with the launch of Clear Professional, a 4G wireless broadband service aimed at midmarket companies as well as enterprise branch locations.

The company is offering three variations of the service package, including a basic broadband Internet package for businesses seeking primary Internet service. Available with Basic or Premium service options, the cost ranges from $30 to $120 per month, and both services include unlimited data use (subject to network management and other provisions of Clear’s acceptable use policy), no overage fees, and 24x7 technical support year round. The Premium service for the basic broadband Internet package also provides additional benefits such as a free setup support call, cloud-based management, next-day device replacement, life-of-customer device warranty, and other features.

The second type of plan is Clear Professional Backup Internet, designed to keep businesses connected automatically if their primary Internet service goes down. All Backup Internet service plans include Premium features. This service cost ranges from $24 to $45 per month, although the fine print notes installation and additional fees may apply, based on the contract term length and the business' number of locations.

The last package combines the Broadband Internet and Backup Internet Packages into one bundle called Clear Professional Broadband + Backup Internet. This package is aimed at SMBs that rely on their primary Internet service for voice services or multiple static IP addresses, but need faster Internet access. It is also designed for companies that provide dedicated third party Internet access to customers or vendors. The cost of service ranges from $45 to $115 per month and includes Premium features, and the company noted if either provider's service goes down, Clear Professional automatically routes all traffic to the remaining connection.

All versions of the service, which run on the company’s 4G network in approximately 80 cities across the U.S., are available beginning March 18 through master agent dealers X4 Solutions, Telecom Brokerage, Inc., WTG, and Resource Communications Group, a Clearwire release noted.

"We are thrilled to offer Clear Professional to meet the demands of small to medium-sized businesses that are utterly dependent on the internet, yet still may suffer from internet connections that are both slow and unreliable," Clearwire senior vice president and general manager of retail Dow Draper said in a statement. "Clear Professional provides options of primary internet service and dependable backup internet service, each designed to help ensure connectivity for mission-critical applications. No longer do companies have to wait weeks or even months for a fast Internet connection."

Professional services firm Deloitte released a report in August 2011 which revealed the importance of 4G wireless broadband infrastructure for U.S. businesses. The report said investment in 4G mobile broadband networks can fuel U.S. performance in the global race to exploit the potential of advanced infrastructure and benefit the national economy through the expenditures made by wireless firms, their suppliers, and the workers these industries employ. However the report cautioned American 4G leadership is far from assured.

“U.S. mobile broadband use is pressing against the limits of available spectrum, and other countries are on track to exceed U.S. spectrum supply,” the report warned. “Thus the United States cannot expect to retain its mobile broadband position easily. To prevail it will need to deal with its challenges and capitalize on its strengths.”