Cleversafe Launches Tiered Storage, Caching Capabilities

Cleversafe’s approach focuses on the storage of objects, which are data but not organized in a hierarchy as are files.

Object-based storage specialist Cleversafe expanded its capabilities for a wide range of storage applications and workloads by introducing two Slicestor models and a Cache Vault feature based on the company’s dispersed object-storage technology.

Complementing the company’s existing 1440 model, the Slicestor 4100 model delivers 10 times the OPS of the 1440 model using solid-state disk (SSD) technology in a 1U form factor.

The Slicestor 2440 model delivers five times the throughput and four times the OPS performance of the Slicestor 1440 with the same storage density (48 times 4 terabyte drives in 4U).

Cleversafe’s approach focuses on the storage of objects, which are data but not organized in a hierarchy as are files, and is designed to help automate and streamline data storage.

"Object storage platforms of today need to prove they can meet the performance requirements of a variety of workloads and applications in order to appeal to a more diverse set of use cases beyond archiving," Ashish Nadkarni, research director at IT analytics firm IDC, said in a statement. "With the introduction of its new Slicestor models and Cache Vault feature, Cleversafe has greatly expanded its ability to deliver the scalability and efficiency benefits of object storage across a wide range of customer use cases."

The Cache Vault’s introduction is part of the company’s latest software release, ClevOS 3.1. It enables customers to deploy higher OPS Cache Vaults alongside standard storage vaults in the same physical storage pool. This generates faster access to certain objects, such as thumbnail images associated with full-resolution pictures.

"Our mission always has been to solve the most challenging problems in today’s enterprise environment surrounding data storage," Russ Kennedy, Cleversafe senior vice president of product strategy and customer solutions, said in a statement. "When we consider the full scope of data challenges, we address what our customers do every day with their information, which is to access, analyze and share it, as well as securely and reliably archive and back up data,” Kennedy said. "Our fresh advances in software along with our new hardware offerings meet many more application requirements for scale along with the performance that our customers require."

Cleversafe is just one of a litany of technology vendors offering object-based storage appliances, including NEC, NetApp and Huawei.

A recent IDC report noted the foundation of Ethernet as a data center fabric, the extension of IP as a transport for storage and data traffic, and the extension of storage access to mobile devices and cloud is expected to drive demand for file- and object-based storage solutions. Growth will primarily come from scale-out software-based file- and object-based platforms.