Clickatell, Offer Connectivity Platform for Businesses

Clickatell's gateway for bulk SMS messaging offers another tool for small-business owners to communicate.

In an effort to continue providing SMB owners with Web-based technology and services to help them grow their businesses, has agreed to an online partnership with Clickatell, a specialist in Personalized Priority Messaging (PPM) through all media devices. Underlining the importance for businesses to integrate new technologies into their marketing strategies, said it is looking to Clickatell to provide its small-business owners with user-friendly tools for connecting with customers and clients via their mobile phones.

Dedicated to teaching business owners about the new vehicles for marketing, has either provided or connected their small businesses with marketing tools like email marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing. Clickatell's gateway for bulk SMS messaging offers yet another tool for business owners to communicate.

"Today we have tools at our disposal, like the Internet, social networks and smartphones, that have become a part of our day-to-day lives and are designed specifically to bring people together," said David Bayer, CEO of "For example, people are on the go now more than ever and rely heavily on their mobile phones. Clickatell has found ways to bypass traditional marketing, and make marketing individual and personal by delivering SMS messages straight into a customer's inbox."

As a provider to the global financial services industry, Clickatell is innovating Personalized Priority Messaging-based services-contextually relevant, time-sensitive notifications and alerts-to enable financial transactions over the mobile phone in developing countries. Clickatell recently launched a Web-based solution designed to help midmarket companies more easily deploy Personalized Priority Messaging in their business.

"Whether your business is located in Orlando, Fla., or Orlando, South Africa, the need to attract, retain and serve customers is universal; doing it via the now nearly ubiquitous mobile phone is more compelling and cost effective than traditional channels," said Pieter de Villiers, co-founder and CEO of Clickatell. "We are very excited about the partnership with in helping to be where their customers are through the delivery of targeted, time-sensitive mobile text messages."

Clickatell's monthly service for U.S. small businesses, starting at $24.95 per month, includes a dedicated number and up to 1,000 free outbound text messages per month. Additional outbound text messages are as little as 2 cents per message, and all incoming customer messages are free of charge. The Central platform has coverage that includes every major mobile operator network in the United States, and offers user-friendly setup through a choice of four APIs, including HTTP(S), COM objects, SOAP and XML. Developer support includes developer forums, 24/7 phone and email support, and script libraries available for PHP, VB.Net, VBScript, Cold Fusion, C# and Oracle.