ClickFuel Announces Services, Partnership with Boostability

Internet marketing specialist ClickFuel announced three services aimed at boosting the brand name of budget-conscious businesses, as well as a partnership with search engine optimization (SEO) software company Boostability.

ClickFuel, a company that designs, manages and tracks Internet marketing campaigns, announced a partnership with Boostability, a provider of Enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software technology. As part of the relationship, ClickFuel will leverage Boostability's technology to help deliver help a range of SEO solutions for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs).

"Our robust technology platform is an end-to-end SEO software solution that allows our partners to service tens of thousands of customers," said Travis Thorpe, CEO of Boostability. "By partnering with ClickFuel, our technology can help even more business owners who will benefit from high-touch program management that ClickFuel provides."

In addition to partnering with Boostability, ClickFuel also announced the availability of three products designed to help SMBs manage the different facets of their online presence. New products include a website analysis tool that provides an instant summary of site performance across major search engines, a user-friendly website builder to help companies establish an online presence and a new social media monitoring tool to help manage their online reputation. Leveraging ClickFuel's FuelStation technology platform, Chatter Box is a monitoring tool that helps companies track conversation and "chatter" related to their brand across a range of social networks including Twitter, blogs, news sites and video sites.

With ClickFuel's website design builder, FuelSites, users can choose from over 150 professional design templates and simply point, drag, drop and click to edit and manage Web sites. All FuelSites come with built-in SEO features and offer add-ons for image galleries, forums, Web forms and mailing lists, blogs, hit counters, email accounts and other features. The company is also offering a free Build Before You Buy 14-day trial of FuelSites, available through the ClickFuel Web site.

The ClickFuel Website Analysis Tool provides an at-a-glance analysis of a midmarket company's Web site. Measuring the search engine effectiveness of a site, this tool helps SMBs fine-tune SEO strategies to gain more traffic and leads online. The ClickFuel Website Analysis Tool provides keyword grading and a snapshot measurement of Alexa and page ranking, the number of inbound links, number of pages indexed, overall SEO score, Google page ranking and a variety of site metrics. These reports are free for a limited time, the release noted.

"Working with customers, we have identified a number of key areas where local businesses need support in managing their online presence and reputation," said ClickFuel CEO Steve Pogorzelski. "With our suite of new products, we are delivering affordable and easy-to-use solutions that allow business owners to effectively execute an integrated online marketing strategy that they can track -- without the need for expensive agencies."