CloudBerry Backup 4.0 Offers Block-Level Backup

The latest release comes with updated MS SQL Server backup, and includes seamless and transparent support for Transparent Data Encryption.

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Backup and management solutions for public cloud storage services specialist CloudBerry debuted Backup 4.0, featuring block-level backup across all supported cloud storage providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, HP Helion, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Rackspace, and others.
The latest release comes with updated MS SQL Server backup, and includes seamless and transparent support for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Filestream.
TDE protects data by encrypting the physical files of the database rather than the data itself in order to prevent unauthorized access by restoring the files to another server, while the Filestream data type stores large unstructured objects, such as documents and images.
Data confidentiality is enforced through the mechanism of transparent exchange whereby only the user has access to the actual data residing on external sources.
Service providers initiate the process and oversee its completion, while the actual link is established directly between the user’s computer and the cloud repository.
In addition, to ensure complete security, CloudBerry protects all data with customer-controlled encryption keys.
Features include block-level backup, which analyzes source files and backs up only those parts of files that have been modified since the most recent backup, as well as improved bare metal and system state backups.
In addition to offering block-level backup for simple data backups, the latest offering also provides block-level backup for full Bare Metal Restore (BMR) and System State backups.
The advantage with BMR and System State backups is that they can proceed quickly, without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating systems.
"Bare metal restore coupled with block level backup significantly improves the performance of the overall backup process," Alexander Negrash, marketing director at CloudBerry Lab, told eWEEK. "Bare metal images are comparatively large, and the most significant bottleneck for cloud-based backup is network latency. Block-level backup will only send changed portions of the backed up images to the cloud, thus improving backup and restore performance."
CloudBerry has also added multithreading to the restore process which means files can now be transferred in parallel threads, allowing users to retrieve and restore their data from the cloud faster.
All components of Backup v4.0 are currently available in desktop edition for Windows workstations priced at $29.99 and server edition for Window Servers priced at $79.99.
"Cloud-based backup will be even more commonplace than it is today and will eventually become more of a hybrid backup model, with intelligent policies that will rule which data will be available locally, and which will be available in the cloud," Negrash said.
He also noted if you trust your data with a third party, you must be as certain as possible no one else has access to it.
"To address this concern we’ve created a client side encryption capability with encryption keys owned by the customer," he said.
The Bare-Metal edition with System State backup and BMR for Windows Servers is priced at $119.99, while the MS SQL edition for Windows Servers with MS SQL Server is priced at $149.99, the MS Exchange edition for Windows Servers with MS Exchange is priced at $229.99, and the Enterprise edition with all-in-one features is priced at $299.99.