CloudBerry Challenges Box, Dropbox With Sync, Share Platform

While the beta version works only in the Windows environment, CloudBerry is planning to support other platforms, including mobile devices, soon.


Data backup and management specialist CloudBerry Lab announced a new cloud-based file sharing and sync system designed to give users control over files across multiple endpoints.

The new CloudBerry Box can be run through a customer cloud storage account from any of the major cloud storage vendors, and in a private cloud or hybrid environment.

"SMBs are following the lead of larger organizations and more fully embracing the cloud. In many cases they are choosing a hybrid cloud model, which allows them to keep sensitive data in a private environment while sending everything else to a public cloud, Alexander Negrash," marketing director at CloudBerry Lab, told eWEEK. “File synch and sharing is something that businesses would rather keep locally in a private cloud, as this data is usually of a sensitive nature.”

Negrash said CloudBerry Box addresses this requirement with support for private clouds through Amazon S3 and OpenStack compatible interfaces.Data moves directly through connections established between computing endpoints and users’ cloud storage accounts, which means no third-party Web services are used in data processing, the company said.

In addition, files can be encrypted on the fly with user-created passwords sent to the cloud through secure sockets layer (SSL) connections.

"Without a doubt, the biggest security threat is third- party services involved in data processing and storage. With most of the sync and share solutions on the market, users actually don't decide and simply don’t know where their data is stored, or how and if data is encrypted," Negrash said. "Furthermore, they can't even access their data in the cloud.” Another feature is data compression, where synched data is compressed before being sent to the cloud for backup, which can help reduce bandwidth requirements.

Negrash said CloudBerry Box will be available for a flat fee per user, and users will be able to synchronize an unlimited number of computers. There will also be an optional maintenance plan offered, should users select that option.

The new system will be available for resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) through the company’s partner program.

Pricing is not yet finalized. Initial versions will work exclusively in a Windows environment Support for other platforms, including mobile devices is planned for the near future.