CloudBerry Lab Launches Backup Consistency Check

To ensure seamless recovery, CloudBerry has made it possible to implement regular, proactive backup consistency checks.

cloudberry and data recovery

CloudBerry Lab, a vendor of backup and management solutions for public cloud storage services, announced the availability of Backup Consistency Check, which allows end-users and resellers to verify that backups will properly recover.

Along with CloudBerry’s Advanced Notification and Alerting System, Backup Consistency Check helps users preemptively identify issues that can lead to failed data restores.

"Backup verification enables businesses to identify corrupted backups, so they can replace them with good backups before they are needed," Alexander Negrash, marketing director at CloudBerry Lab, told eWEEK. "For an IT manager, few things are worse than losing data and then discovering that the backup won’t recover because it’s corrupt. Without backup verification, these corrupt backups act like landmines that are only detected when they blow up in the face of IT."

Negrash explained that data can become corrupted during the backup process due to direct access to cloud storage or an internal issue with the cloud storage provider. In the local backup scenario, a cause is users replacing the disk or network attached storage (NAS) device with another device missing actual backup files.

To ensure seamless recovery, CloudBerry has made it possible to implement regular, proactive backup consistency checks.

CloudBerry Backup provides a host of resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) with managed cloud backup solutions for the small to medium-size business (SMB) market.

In addition to offering real-time and/or scheduled regular backups for simple data backups, local disk image, or bare metal restore, CloudBerry employs block level backup for improved efficiency and provides alerting features that allow resellers to track each backup and restore plan remotely.

"Organizations are most concerned about reliability," Negrash said. "Will their backup software create backups that reliably restore? Can they rely on their cloud storage provider not to lose data? Will their cloud storage provider remain in business? So at CloudBerry, we’ve worked to provide a reliable backup solution to SMBs that enables them to choose their own back-end cloud, so they can get what best suits their own needs."

Data is protected via 256-bit AES encryption with keys controlled only by end users. Confidentiality is maintained through transparent exchange whereby only end users have access to the actual data residing on the cloud.

The platform also gives businesses access to a feature set designed specifically to safeguard the data and files backed up on Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, HP Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer and several other public cloud storage providers.

"It’s absolutely critical that the business encrypt their data before sending it to the cloud and that no one but the business controls the encryption key that can unlock the data," Negrash said. "Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that the data is safe from prying eyes."