CMS Products Launches BounceBack Server Edition

BounceBack Server Edition, the disaster recovery solution from CMS Products, offers cost-conscious businesses a backup option for Microsoft's Foundation or Small Business Server operating system.

Data security and disaster recovery specialist CMS Products announced its family of "Instant Server Recovery" solutions for small to medium-size businesses running Microsoft's Foundation or Small Business Server operating system.

The server line includes BounceBack Server software and ABS-Server single- and two-drive redundant backup systems, and is available through the company's Website for $285 or through U.S. resellers.

Intended as a tool to ensure business continuity for cost-conscious businesses, CMS Products developed two ABS Server solutions, including a single-drive desktop unit available in 1TB and 2TB capacities and a two-drive desktop unit with support for RAID 1 mirroring technology, available in 1TB and 2TB capacities (capacity with mirroring implemented). The two-drive RAID 1 system offers removable hard drives, facilitating the offsite archiving of important business data with support for the automatic rebuilding of a new hard drive inserted into the system. Both the single- and dual-drive units support the USB 2.0 interface as well an eSATA connection.

In the event of a server failure, or "crash," both the single-drive and the RAID solutions support CMS Products' patent-pending Instant Server Recovery feature, which allows users to restart their Windows server directly from the external ABS hardware via either the USB 2.0 or eSATA connection. The solutions are powered by BounceBack Server Edition software, which provides full server backup, including the operating system and applications. BounceBack Server backup software creates a mirror image of a server on an external eSATA/USB backup drive, including operating system, applications and settings, allowing customers to restart, resume and restore at any time.

The BounceBack Server version offers features including government-grade AES-256-bit data encryption, complete SQL database and MS Exchange support, two-button restore of the failed system hard drive, QuickRestore file and folder recovery, automatic unattended backup, network backup, versioning and additional features.

Ken Burke, president of CMS Products, said when SMBs are depending on their servers to do business, even one failure can be disastrous to the business's bottom line.

"Because BounceBack Server Edition creates a mirror image of an entire business server on the external ABS backup drive, in the event of a server failure, users quickly and easily can restart the server directly from the external ABS backup drive," Burke said. "Utilizing these instant recovery products is just like 'business insurance' for an SMB, avoiding downtime and invaluable data loss and possibly saving the business from catastrophic consequences."