Comcast Offers High-Speed Internet for Business in Twin Cities

Comcast rolls out high-speed (up to 100M-bps downloads and 15M-bps uploads) Internet for businesses in the Twin Cities region of the Midwest.

Communications giant Comcast announced the launch of 100M-bps high-speed Internet service to businesses in the Twin Cities region-which it claims is one of the fastest broadband services available in the United States today.

The service, which boasts up to 100M-bps downloads and 15M-bps uploads, includes a comprehensive business solution with Microsoft and McAfee security software. The company hopes its wideband technology DOCSIS 3.0 will enable Comcast to deliver progressively faster speeds well into the future.

Comcast is positioning the 100M-bps service as a comprehensive business solution that includes Microsoft Communication Services (valued at more than $500), a productivity suite that combines Windows SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook e-mail powered by Microsoft Exchange Server for no additional fee. In addition, the service includes McAfee's Security Suite software (up to a $280 annual retail value) that protects up to 25 PCs from viruses and spyware. Comcast offers a range of other Website hosting, design features and options as well.

Bill Stemper, president of Comcast Business Services, said Internet speeds this fast are a game changer for businesses. "When Comcast doubled its Internet speeds last year, business customers immediately took advantage of that wideband pipe to connect regional offices, support remote employees and perform large file transfers," he said. "100M-bps service is ideal for data-intensive businesses that need this kind of speed and want an alternative to slower, more expensive T-1 lines."

Comcast argues that with download speeds of up to 100M bps, customers will be able to operate their businesses more efficiently and productively. For example, downloading a large 2GB file (such as a hi-res X-ray or a graphic design) can be completed in about two and a half minutes. According to the company, to download the same sized file on a typical business-class 1.5M-bps T-1 line would take more than 3 hours.

"We're thrilled to be the first market to offer a 100M-bps service to our business customers in Minnesota," said Bill Wright, vice president of the company's Twin Cities region. "This offering reaffirms our commitment to be the speed leader in the Twin Cities and Minnesota and to help businesses succeed with tools that can have a real impact on their bottom lines."