Comdex Courts Resellers

Comdex may be a shadow of its former self. But when it opens in Las Vegas next week, it will be more reseller-friendly than it's been in a long time. Here's what it offers you.

eWEEK Special Report: Comdex gets back to businessWould you believe that, even after the disappointing turnouts of the last few years, it might actually be worth your valuable reselling time to head to Comdex next week?

We know, we know. Comdex is only a ghost of its former self. But weve seen signs that:
1. Comdex is actually showing some signs of life again and
2. That its a more reseller-friendly show than it has been in recent years.

Mind you, its not that Comdex, now run by MediaLive International Inc., the reorganized Key3Media, is growing again. Its not. Indeed, the show will be a good deal smaller than it was last year. But, those people who will be there should be more focused on business rather than booth-dollies and loud magicians.

For starters, not just anyone who wants to get a free t-shirt can walk through the door. This time around attendees must meet a buying criteria—exactly as if they were qualifying for a controlled circulation publication—or pay $100 at the door if they missed the $50 pre-registration price.

What this means for resellers is that the people who are there are there for business, not for fun. Specifically, Comdexs reseller programs seem to be aiming at the small-medium business market. Eric Faurot, vice president and general manager of Comdex, notes, "Nearly half of all Comdex attendees come from SMB, the only part of the IT market that is showing double-digit growth."

But, is there business in Las Vegas for you? Thats a good question and you can start by browsing the list of exhibiters by product category or exhibitor name.

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