Connected Data Updates Transporter Data Storage Device

The ability of Transporter devices to share with each other regardless of location enables businesses to create a network of shared files with others.

Data storage and sharing specialist Connected Data announced enhancements to the company's Transporter private data sharing and storage device, as well as version 2.0 of the Transporter software suite, which offers a simplified user experience, added key functionality and the extension of its file sharing and storage benefits to mobile devices.

Available through a national network of partners in June, the Transporter enhancements include improvements for access and transfer of terabytes of files on limited storage devices. With the Transporter, all data is stored on authorized devices to ensure privacy, but also provides users with global access and unlimited sharing and, unlike cloud services, the Transporter is a one-time purchase with no monthly charge.

Transporter can be used as a standalone private cloud or shared with other Transporter devices. The ability of Transporter devices to communicate and share with each other regardless of location enables consumers and businesses to create a network of shared files with other contacts.

"With the rise of mobile computing, consumers need robust technology solutions that enable them to share and access files on the go," Dave Reinsel, group vice president at IT research firm IDC, said in a statement. "Solutions like Connected Data's provide a completely private, peer-to-peer offering, with all data hosted only on authorized devices. Connected Data is on the right path having sold thousands of Transporter units in the first few months of production."

Transporter 2.0 will be a free software upgrade for all existing customers, and for new customers, Transporter starts at a suggested retail price of $199 without a hard drive, $299 for 1TB and $399 for 2TB, a company release noted.

Version 2.0 provides full drag-and-drop support, right-click functionality and the ability to share links to files with others. Users can install the desktop application, drag-and-drop files to their Transporter, and right-click on any file or folder to manage or share. The upgrade also introduces Apple iOS and Google Android mobile applications allowing users to remotely access, upload, download and share files stored on Transporter directly from their iOS or Android device.

In addition, the software includes enhancements to ensure that users will be able to connect to and access their Transporter files regardless of the firewall security that may be in place, and users can sync and share critical folders, such as work documents, while still having the ability to access and share large folders such as music, photo or movie collections stored on Transporter from any device regardless of capacity.

"Connected Data has attracted thousands of new customers since our successful Kickstarter campaign and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have a growing and passionate user base," Geoff Barrall, CEO of Connected Data, said in a statement. "When setting out to improve upon the Transporter, we listened to feedback from our existing users which helped to set the direction for version 2.0. We're delivering a streamlined Transporter experience that will delight both our new and existing customers."