Connected Data Upgrades Transporter Private Cloud Storage Platform

Transporter can automatically sync standard Mac and Windows content folders, such as Desktop, Documents and Pictures, between users' devices.

Peer-to-peer private cloud storage platform developer Connected Data announced new features for its Transporter platform, designed to simplify file syncing and sharing for multicomputer and mobile device households and businesses.

Features include the ability to automatically protect content stored on mobile devices. For example, photos and videos on smartphones and tablets automatically sync to the Transporter with the new Camera Upload feature. Once the mobile device connects to the user’s preferred network, photos begin to sync.

Users can now store directly to the Transporter and free up space on their local hard drive, and the latest software release extends the Transporter Library feature to the Transporter Sync.

For computers with limited storage space, this provides users the ability to store large amounts of data directly on any Transporter, enabling them to access and share terabytes of data without consuming storage space on their laptops or PCs.

"People have enough decisions to make without having to spend time sifting through photos, videos and documents to determine which ones they can afford to protect in the cloud," Jim Sherhart, vice president of marketing at Connected Data, said in a statement. "Transporter makes this simple with a one-time ‘buy-and-own’ platform. This means they never have to worry about escalating monthly fees or privacy concerns associated with traditional cloud storage."

In addition, Transporter can automatically sync standard Mac and Windows content folders, such as Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Movies and Music, between a user’s devices.

The Transporter Special Folders feature eliminates the headache of forcing users to store data in a specific folder. Users simply check a box and automatically sync, access, protect and share all their files directly from their default folder locations.

The Selective Sync feature eliminates the need for users to sync all of their files and folders between computers by allowing them to select individual folders to sync, a feature that can come in handy for saving space on computers with small hard drives and syncing files within multicomputer households and businesses.

Special Folders, Selective Sync and Transporter Library are currently available for free to all Transporter customers and can be enabled by installing version 2.5 of the Transporter Desktop application on any Mac or PC. Camera Upload will be available on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices in the coming weeks.

"With the addition of these new features, Transporter is a no-compromise solution for consumers, business professionals or anyone looking for a simple, cost-effective and private alternative to fee-based cloud storage," Sherhart added.