Content Management at High and Low Ends

Upgrades from Ektron, Percussion are economical in different sectors.

Businesses looking at Web content management systems are probably getting a little confused by the way products are changing in this area. Many of the biggest vendors are busy merging with other companies or integrating their products with related systems such as portals and collaboration systems. Finding a pure Web content management system is harder than ever in many ways.

There are still a few software vendors out there, however, that focus mainly on content management and Web publishing, as well as on how to improve the functionality and usability of these platforms.

For businesses that want a low-cost, easily deployed, highly functional content management application that lacks many high-end features but meets the needs of a majority of corporate Web sites, Ektron Inc.s CMS300 Version 2.6 will be an attractive option. CMS300 is very easy for novice users to master, and it provides good extensibility and management options for administrators.

At the other end of the scale, Percussion Software Inc.s Rhythmyx 5 has made the transition to a high-end Web content management system, providing all the capabilities required by the most complex and dynamic sites on the Web. But although Rhythmyx 5 has high-end capabilities, it still has the great usability found in lower-end content management systems, making use of Ektrons excellent eWebEditPro for rich browser-based content editing.