Content Raven Launches Marketing Analytics Tool

The in-depth analytics show how long a prospect spends reading each page of an eBook or PDF, or for long they watch a marketing video.

content raven and marketing analytics

Cloud-based content distribution specialist Content Raven announced the addition of Marketing Raven to its suite of products. The marketing analytics tool is designed to help marketing and sales professionals improve content marketing, lead nurturing and revenue opportunities by providing tracking data and real-time alerts on engagement activity.

Marketing Raven also provides total viewing time in the aggregate across all content pieces so marketing teams can determine which content is performing best and what they should be creating in the future. The in-depth analytics show how long prospects spend reading each page of an eBook or PDF, or how long they watch a marketing video.

Not only does this aid in generating better content for the future while potentially decreasing marketing spend, it also helps push prospective customers through the sales funnel by targeting them while they are already engaged, Joe Moriarty, vice president of sales and marketing for Content Raven, told eWEEK.

"Marketing has fundamentally changed from a broadcast, or out-bound, approach to a magnet, or in-bound, approach," Moriarty said. "Creating interesting, relevant content that attracts potential buyers is critical. Marketing and sales professionals spend time and resources producing marketing collateral, but are often unable to determine what kind of impact these assets are actually making on their prospects."

With the platform, users can leverage engagement analytics to fine-tune marketing messaging mid-campaign, improve future campaigns, personalize content, and close sales more effectively and track when a piece of collateral is shared or forwarded, creating new leads for sales teams to contact.

Businesses can also add tracking and analytics to all common file types, including documents, video and audio, ebooks and whitepapers and HTML files.

Data analytics play an enormous role in this, giving marketers insight into more than just how many individuals are downloading their ebooks and white papers—to determine which marketing efforts are working and which need to be improved upon, Moriarty said.

Measuring marketing initiatives is key to continuously improving content, engagement and conversion rates. Interacting with prospects and current customers as they are researching is the best path for businesses to take, he explained.

Moriarty said interacting in a way that is more human, as opposed to a banner or pop-up add, will truly be the next phase for Web and mobile marketing alike.

"Fundamentally, people want to be helped along the way—whether it is through research, data or answering simple questions about a product or service—it's all part of the buying process," Moriarty said. "We believe that this can and should be measured to lead to a better buying experience, happier customers and improved close rates."