CTERA Unveils Server Data Protection for Enterprise CloudOps

The data protection solution evolves the backup capabilities developed as part of the company’s Enterprise File Services Platform.

ctera and data protection

File services specialist CTERA Networks announced an automated and secure in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud data protection solution that allows enterprises to protect any number of servers across any cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Server Data Protection is designed for enterprise Cloud Operations (CloudOps) teams that have been forced to rethink data protection strategies as they migrate workloads natively within and across clouds in a new era of cloud services and IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) delivery.

The solution evolves the backup capabilities developed as part of the company’s Enterprise File Services Platform, and extends its existing endpoint and remote office capabilities to provide a third pillar of in-cloud workloads.

All of these are managed from a single pane of glass management console from the cloud infrastructure of an organization’s choice.

"As we developed our Cloud Server Data Protection we identified several market needs that were not being met, specifically that backup tools are too dependent on hypervisor and don’t apply well to IaaS, which doesn’t allow for hypervisor access, making the last 10 years of virtual server backup tool innovation useless when applications get deployed on IaaS," CTERA's senior vice president of marketing Jeff Denworth told eWEEK.

He explained traditional backup management is labor intensive and customers are too reliant on administrators, due to a lack of cloud orchestration and APIs. Businesses lose the economic benefit of cloud efficiency when you have to throw a lot of people at backup administration, he said.

The CTERA platform is designed to address the complete spectrum of enterprise data, combining storage, data protection and collaboration tools for any endpoint, remote office or cloud application.

Denworth pointed out most traditional backup tools aren’t designed for multi-tenant, Web-scale deployment and the corresponding security isolation that comes from multi-tenant encryption, and using dedicated keys per user eliminates the possibility of a backup admin ever recovering the wrong data to the wrong user.

He explained CTERA’s platform is a unified storage-as-a-service delivery platform that can be deployed from the secure cloud of a customer’s choice and allows organizations to bring their own cloud and object storage services, paying as little as $0.01 per GB per month for storage infrastructure.

"Secondary storage is emerging as the hottest storage topic in IT in 2016, and no one has really yet sorted out how to apply these concepts in a public cloud and cross-cloud context," Denworth said. "As of last year, only 6 percent of virtual workloads were in the private cloud. As organizations look forward, they’ll increasingly want smart data protection strategies to develop a level of abstraction and vendor agnosticism between the application layer and the storage layer in a hybrid cloud topology-- to back up and recover from any cloud, to any cloud."