CyberUnited, LIFARS Form Security Joint Venture

The new entity will utilize continuous monitoring through products and services designed to help organizations reduce their chances of being attacked.

it security and joint venture

Cyber-security intelligence consulting firm CyberUnited and LIFARS, a digital forensics and cyber-security incident response firm, announced they have formed a security consulting joint venture—called CyberUnited LIFARS—that wants to challenge the "prepare and recover" model used by traditional security consultants after a security incident.

The new entity will also utilize continuous monitoring through new products and services that are designed to enable organizations to reduce their chances of being attacked, while also providing remediation techniques in the event an attack is successful.

CyberUnited's team of certified IT security professionals offers a full range of cyber-security services and enterprise IT security consulting and implementation, which include cyber-security policy and operational procedure development and training.

Other services include cyber-security engineering and architecture design, operational security management, network security testing and evaluation, computer security incident response, vulnerability analysis, malicious code analysis, security risk assessment, and security assessment and authorization (A&A) compliance.

The company offers fixed and variable pricing on turnkey risk assessment as well as for A&A services.

LIFARS, based in New York City, conducts digital forensic investigations, data breach incident response, Web application security testing, digital risk assessments and academic research.

"LIFARS is a high-tech cyber-security intelligence outfit, while CyberUnited brings in long-term government and cyber-security business strategy execution and assessments," Ondrej Krehel, founder and chief technology officer of LIFARS, told eWEEK. "Together, the mutual effort supports CyberTech, an educational initiative that provides thought leadership events and training."

The venture also provides elite military-style cyber-security breach preparedness training, Krehel said.

"Hackers are now using very focused on the targeted approach in exploiting enterprises. It is important to train enterprises to focus on the 'cyber-sniper' type of resonance missions as well, not just the usual simple cyber-security penetration testing," he said. "We foster the mindset to cover all the vulnerabilities, many of which are often missed."

The new entity will also enhance the products, services, markets and geographic reach of the companies, with CyberUnited traditionally focused on general commercial, technology and government markets (it recently hired Mike Coomes of the U.S. Department of Defense).

Meanwhile, LIFARS has experience and expertise in the financial services, medical and software engineering industries.

"In the near future, a more interconnected world will create ever more vulnerabilities and exposure," Krehel warned. "Take for example the vulnerability created by interconnected cloud file providers. While each platform is secured in its own right, when combined together, the multiplatform system is vulnerable."