D-Link Debuts Ultra Performance Series of 11AC Routers

Features include gigabit wide area network and local area network Ethernet ports for high-speed wired connectivity, plus WPA or WPA2 security.

d-link and wireless networking

Networking specialist D-Link announced the shipment of the first router in its Ultra Performance Series of three new high-performance 11AC home networking solutions. The new line of routers offers wireless speeds up to 5.3 Gbps, far-reaching coverage, a revamped user interface, and dynamic Smart Connect to automatically balance clients.

"D-Link designed the new Ultra Series routers to give the look of 'performance,' starting with an aggressive exterior design and aesthetics that matched the speed and performance features inside," Ken Loyd, director of consumer product marketing at D-Link, told eWEEK. "While these new routers are not designed exclusively for gamers and high-end media streamers, that particular market segment does appreciate unique product designs."

Loyd noted that the new design differentiates the Ultra Performance products from standard routers, creating a higher-end branded offering that is carried across the packaging, out- of -box experience, design and performance.

The routers are equipped with an array of features including Wireless 11AC Beamforming to enhance signal strength and throughput, Smart Connect to automatically assign clients to the wireless band, and a quality of service (QoS) engine with a drag-and-drop UI to provide a way to prioritize applications and devices.

In addition, the routers feature gigabit wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) Ethernet ports for high- speed wired connectivity and are enabled with WPA or WPA2 security and WiFi- Protected setup to help ensure network integrity and easy setup.

Each router is fitted with high- power antennas for added performance. Two of the three routers in the series also routers incorporate multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology that enables simultaneous transmission to groups of clients.

The technology is designed to make more efficient use of available WiFi network capacity and speed up transmissions.

The routers also feature D-Link's latest user interface, making it easier to enable parental controls, block unwanted devices, monitor Internet activity and create WiFi guest networks.

The new series includes the AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter (DWA-192) designed to bring 802.11ac performance to existing notebooks and desktop PCs.

The routers also support simple setup using a mobile phone or tablet with the free Quick Router Setup (QRS) app.

"Consumers want a router that is easy to setup, provides great coverage and fast performance to all their connected devices, while also having the ability to support an increasing number of connected devices in the home," Loyd said. "Typically, users will purchase the fastest WiFi speed for their budget, so all their wireless devices have optimal wireless bandwidth."