D-Link PoE IP Surveillance Cameras Designed for Discreet Monitoring

Users are able to access the cameras remotely through the mydlink Website and view live video on iOS and Android devices, as well as on Windows phones.

d-link and cameras

Security and monitoring specialist D-Link announced two HD IP cameras, the Full HD Outdoor Power over Ethernet Mini Dome Camera and the HD Covert Network Camera.

The Mini Dome Camera features Full HD 1080p, 2 megapixel resolution and H.264 compression that provides detailed video recording and 30 feet of night vision, as well as weather and vandal-proof housing.

In addition, users can access and configure the camera remotely through the mydlink Website and view live video on iOS and Android devices, as well as on Windows phones.

PoE support offers customers a power option that provides a range of benefits, including simplified maintenance, lower cost and more installation flexibility, according to the company.

"With PoE, a surveillance camera can be placed exactly where it’s needed most, and makes it easier to connect devices to electricity as well as the Internet, removing the need for a nearby power outlet," Carissa Blegen, surviellance product manager, D-Link Systems, told eWEEK. "In addition, a PoE surveillance solution can save money and time customers would spend having electrical power installed by a qualified electrician."

In a situation with multiple cameras installed, all can be powered through a single PoE switch, making them easier to manage—and in some cases, control remotely—without physically being present, she said.

"Reliability is also enhanced—with PoE, the power comes from a central source that can be backed up by an uninterruptible power supply rather than a group of randomly arranged wall adapters," Blegen said. "Depending on strategy and specific needs, surveillance technology can be used to monitor vandalism, theft, loss prevention, employee management, slip and fall litigation and marketing analytics, all of which can streamline costs for a business."

With its compact form factor, the HD Covert Network Camera can be placed in a far corner of a room or used in discreet pinhole installation, even without a power outlet nearby.

Additionally, the camera allows users to zoom in, zoom out and pan video views for surveillance in large areas, and features motion and tamper detection.

Blegen also noted new camera features and technologies are introduced all the time, with varying degrees of customer adoption.

"For example, we have seen the demand for two-way audio, a feature included on a range of D-Link cameras, dramatically increase in just a few years," she said. "The ability to support different power options has become increasingly popular as well."

In addition, she noted sound and video analytics already are being integrated into surveillance cameras, and the technology is constantly evolving, and analytics are being integrated into both business- and consumer-surveillance solutions.

"Capabilities are quickly increasing from basic person or sound recognition to actual face recognition," Blegen explained. "Sound analytics can now distinguish between a person yelling, glass breaking or even a baby crying. The device then reacts accordingly with notifications, automatic recording and more."