Data Deposit Box Launches Cloud Storage Service KineticD

KineticD is a cloud storage and remote access package for SMBs with a host of features designed to make data backup easier. Data Deposit Box is making KineticD available for a monthly fee of $2 per gigabyte, allowing for unlimited users and computers.

Data Deposit Box, "the online backup and recovery service designed especially for small and midsize businesses," on March 13 "announced the launch of KineticD, a comprehensive cloud storage and remote access solution that enables SMBs to continuously back up, restore, access and share information online from any location."

The company said its "cloud-based services are specifically designed for SMBs that want to activate their digital assets and more efficiently share and collaborate through improved access to information." Specifically, "The KineticD cloud-based service is available immediately for a monthly fee of $2 per gigabyte and allows for unlimited users and computers," and a free trial is being offered through Data Deposit Box's Website.

Data Deposit Box also said, "The KineticSecure storage service enables users to easily back up, access, share and recover online digital assets using either a Windows PC or Mac client. ... Continuous Backup technology immediately detects, encrypts and automatically saves incremental changes, even with open files such as Outlook and with always-on servers such as Exchange. KineticSecure helps make it easier to recover multiple files, versions, folders and/or systems through the KineticD Web portal and lets users immediately restore lost files with just a few mouse clicks wherever and whenever needed."

KineticD CEO Jamie Brenzel said in the announcement, "Businesses today require new storage, disaster recovery and access solutions that better adapt to the way they need to do business while still maintaining the highest levels of security in an online world. KineticD brings secure, affordable cloud-based services to SMB users so they can easily back up, restore, access, and share their digital assets-wherever their business takes them."

The company said the KineticExtend application "lets users securely access applications, files and devices on their PC from another PC any time and anywhere there is an Internet connection," allowing businesses to access their digital assets from remote locations or on the road. "Service providers and IT support professionals will also find it easy to securely access a user's desktop without the complication of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or taking the time to go on-site."

Other features include file versioning, which allows businesses to keep multiple versions of every saved file, Web carts for file, folder and system organization, bank-grade security encryption, Open Files Driver, and the ability to suspend and resume backups. "Open Files is designed to back up files typically left open for long periods of time in open applications, such as Outlook, QuickBooks and Simply Accounting. It also provides added advantages for servers, allowing a 'backup snapshot' of data every 12 hours," the company said.

"There is a growing, universal need for secure, flexible cloud-based backup solutions designed specifically for small business environments," said Brad Nisbet, program manager for research company IDC's storage and data management services. "Many SMBs are gravitating toward storage as a service to leverage the ease and cost savings, and today the cloud is useful for more than just storage. Solutions like KineticD also provide an ideal collaboration platform for businesses to leverage the abundant content stored there to share knowledge and improve productivity."