Dataguise Joins NetApp Alliance Partner Program

NetApp and Dataguise team up to offer enterprises greater control over securing sensitive documents.

Security solutions specialist Dataguise announced it has joined the NetApp Alliance Partner Program as an Advantage Alliance Partner. The companies said the collaboration between Dataguise and NetApp will help customers generate production data for test and development and distribute it safely. Both companies' solutions deploy into any environment and are designed to provide enterprises with a higher level of security during the application development process regardless of where it is conducted-overseas, in-house or elsewhere.
Dataguise solutions automate the process of protecting sensitive data and support compliance initiatives by improving accountability and limiting sensitive data to controlled systems and environments. NetApp solutions accelerate the workflows associated with supporting key business processes requiring access to production data. The collaboration between the two companies provides enterprises with a comprehensive sensitive-data protection solution to help protect application development without compromising efficiency, a joint release stated.
"By joining forces with NetApp, we help organizations to safely and efficiently leverage their enterprise data for Data Warehousing, Development, Test and QA, as well as to share data with other business units and partners," said Allan Thompson, executive vice president of operations at Dataguise. "Using Dataguise's innovative, risk-based data protection solutions together with NetApp's world-class storage solutions helps enterprises secure the application development process, without compromising efficiency or effectiveness. We look forward to continuing our partnership with NetApp and working with them on future collaborative technology offerings."
Thompson said to remain competitive, enterprises need the ability to leverage their production data to support key business processes such as application development, testing, QA and business analysis. He said one factor that makes this objective challenging from a risk management and compliance perspective is that these same applications house the organization's most sensitive data. Personally identifiable information (PII), customer credit card numbers and expiration dates, and patient health information all have the potential for serious consequences for the organization if they are disclosed through carelessness or a breach event.
By implementing the end-to-end solutions jointly offered by Dataguise and NetApp, Thompson said enterprises are able to address these risk management and compliance issues and improve their overall security posture in a matter of days. Since Dataguise DgDiscover and DgMasker solutions integrate with NetApp's SnapMirror and FlexClone data replication software, the products work together to share production data for non-production use while transparently protecting sensitive information from disclosure.
"Dataguise has demonstrated that its DgDiscover and DgMasker solutions can effectively identify, locate and mask sensitive application data to help our customers improve their overall security posture," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of solutions and alliances for NetApp. "Together, NetApp and Dataguise can provide customers with the tools needed to support and help protect key business processes, reduce risk and meet compliance regulations without negatively impacting production systems."