Dell Readies Mac Attack with Touch-screen Apple iMac Competitor

Dell is coming after Apple's iMac and HP's TouchSmart all-in-one PCs, offering touch-screen functionality wrapped in a choice of catchy color schemes at a price point nearly half as high as Apple's and HP's offerings.

Apple debuted its all-in-one computing solution, the iMac, in 1998, and the simplicity of its design made it a runaway success. Last year, HP finally countered with its TouchSmart all-in-one desktop, which brought touch-screen functionality to the market. Now Dell is bringing its version of the all-in-one design to market with the Studio One 19, complete with optional touch-screen capability.

Dell is marketing the Studio One 19 as a smart, stylish edition to home or work life. For small business owners working out of a home office where space is tight, the Studio One 19 strives to solve the same problem that HP's and Apple's all-in-ones do; namely, designing a machine that can fit comfortably almost anywhere in the home.
Dell is also taking a page out of Apple's and HP's marketing playbook by focusing on the aesthetic qualities of the computer. The Studio One 19 is made with aluminum, glass and fabric that Dells says is stylish enough that people will want to display it rather than hide it. The company wisely designed the computer to require a single power cord, which goes a long way in fostering an untangled home and work environment. Dell is offering the Studio One 19 in a variety of colors, including white, red, blue, the unlikely "Powder Pink" and a charcoal-colored model.
"The new Studio One 19 is as nice to look at as it is functional," said Dell's senior vice president of consumer products Alex Gruzen. "More and more people are making the kitchen the center of their entertainment and computing experience and the Studio One 19 is the ideal system for that need. The Studio One 19 is about lifestyle and design and is very affordable."
The Studio One 19 will be available only in Japan starting March 19, though the company says the computer will be introduced in "many other countries" later this spring. Dell has the machine listed for $699, which puts it far below the cost of the HP TouchSmart ($1,200-$1,800) and Apple's iMac ($1,200-$2,200).
The touch-screen feature is marketed toward more casual activities such as flipping through digital photo albums with family members, but could work equally well in a small office setting for graphic presentations. The multitouch photo editing, slideshow creation, playlist compilation, notes and Web browsing are also among the ways Dell has incorporated touch-screen functionality.
Performance-wise, the Studio One 19 comes with a multitude of processor options, including Intel Core 2 Quad Core processors and up to 4GB of dual channel memory. Six USB ports, 7-in-1 media card reader and optional integrated Web camera (complete with facial recognition security) the Studio One 19 offers SMB/SOHO workers a new, affordable option in the all-in-one computer space. If it ever comes to the States, that is.