Dell Software Releases AppAssure 5.4 Data Backup Platform

AppAssure 5.4 features a slew upgrades designed to improve replication, optimize performance and reporting, and broaden platform support.  

Dell Software announced the launch of AppAssure 5.4, the latest version of the company’s all-in-one backup, replication and disaster recovery software platform.

AppAssure 5.4 features a slew upgrades designed to improve replication, optimize performance and reporting, and broaden platform support.

The latest version is also designed to offer a simplified user experience to help meet the data protection needs of both customers and managed service providers (MSPs).

Additional upgrades include protection schedule templates, nightly mount checks, and reduced memory consumption.

A host of replication enhancements give users more control and flexibility when architecting their data protection environment.

AppAssure 5.4 features multi-target and multi-hop replication capabilities, allowing users to replicate backup data from a single AppAssure core server to multiple target servers.

Other new replication features include scheduled replication that enables users to set customized replication schedules for each target, and advanced replication throttling, which lets users limit the speed of replication in bandwidth-constrained environments.

"Modern data protection is about ensuring that critical data and applications can be quickly recovered in the event of an outage or corruption. Prolonged downtime simply isn’t acceptable," Srinidhi Vardarajan, general manager of data protection for Dell Software, said in a statement. "That means customers and MSPs not only need solutions that are fast, scalable and reliable, they also need the flexibility to build a program based on the specific recovery needs of their businesses and clients."

AppAssure 5.4 further empowers MSPs to manage customers’ backup environments with numerous replication, reporting and management enhancements.

In addition, Dell Software now offers a variety of sales tools and training materials tailored specifically for the MSP community, with Accelerite (formally Persistent System’s rCloud), JMK Solutions, Synesis International and Intelice Solutions all recently becoming partners.

The platform also offers support for a wide range of critical systems including VMware ESX 5.5, Oracle VirtualBox, UEFI, RHEL 6.5, and CentOS 6.5.

A series of upgrades provide new and existing users with a more streamlined management experience, such as a new graphical user interface that provides quicker access to the most commonly used areas of the product.

The release also offers dynamic deduplication cache sizing, which helps simplify the configuration process and delivers more optimal performance by automatically selecting the ideal deduplication cache size based on available memory.

"The release of AppAssure 5.4 is the latest example of how Dell Software’s robust portfolio of data protection solutions gives them just that," Vardarajan continued. "With AppAssure, users can protect data continuously, move data anywhere, and, when the time comes, recover everything and recover it quickly."