Deloitte, Gigwalk Partner on Business Operations Data

Drawing on its systems integration, analytics and strategy capabilities, Deloitte will assist clients in integrating Gigwalk’s crowd-sourced data.

deloitte and gigwalk

Deloitte Consulting and Gigwalk announced an alliance designed to enable real-time data collection and support actionable analytics.

Drawing on its systems integration, analytics and strategy capabilities, Deloitte will assist clients in integrating Gigwalk’s real-time crowd-sourced data into their sales and field operational systems, to improve business analysis.

Gigwalk combines workforce management, crowdsourcing and a data-driven approach to job and worker alignment through a network of more than 750,000 mobile-enabled independent contractors.

Through the alliance, client companies will be able to view and obtain actionable data regarding activities in their value-chain. The partnership also enables improved execution in situations where consumers interact with products and services, such as in stores, restaurants, dealerships and other geographically dispersed locations.

Across Deloitte’s client sectors there are a wide variety of use cases for Gigwalk Enterprise and Gigwalk Crowdsourcing. For example, medical device sales reps can use Gigwalk Enterprise to check inventory and look for out of stock items. Or, movie chains can deploy Gigwalkers into various locations to verify theaters have installed cardboard displays and other promotional materials ahead of new movie launches.

In the consumer products market, brands can deploy Gigwalkers or use Enterprise to perform in-store retail audits such as monitoring whether promotional materials are properly displayed, or checking on inventory. In the oil and gas sector, Enterprise can be used by oil rig workers to audit field safety and work conditions.

"Just as desktop technology has profoundly changed the productivity of office-based knowledge workers over the past thirty years, mobile technology is poised to change the productivity of workers in the field over the next 10 to 20 years," Dale Hale, CEO at Gigwalk, told eWEEK. "Kevin Spain of Emergence Capital has estimated that the market for enterprise mobile applications will become a $100 billion market, and this is because of the power of distributed data and decision-making, in the hands of geographically dispersed, mobile workforces. Gigwalk gives companies the ability to execute and manage work with distributed teams, and analytical tools that allow them to see and act on results in real-time."

The Enterprise platform is a distributed workforce management solution that incorporates analytics capabilities with location-based mobile technology to help organizations increase the effectiveness of their workforce from virtually anywhere in real-time.

"Labor markets are changing, both on the employee and employer side – with the largest mobile connected workforce, Gigwalk is uniquely positioned to support this shift," Hale said. "Gigwalk plans to continue to grow its crowdsourcing and enterprise offerings to meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce."