Digital Intelligence Systems Launches Sirro 2.0

The latest version can calculate costs associated with each individual application stack and offer detailed breakdown of usage across cloud servers.

Global technology staffing and services company and Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner Digital Intelligence Systems (DISYS) announced the availability of Sirro 2.0, which features upgrades to the company’s cloud services.

Sirro, a cloud-enablement platform that affords customers rapid deployment of cloud application stacks and big data processing capabilities, is utilized by DISYS to deliver its cloud professional services, which include cloud assessment services, cloud deployment services and cloud operations and management services.

"We are seeing more and more enterprises and public-sector organizations take a cloud-first approach to IT," Ahmar Abbas, DISYS vice president of global services, said in a statement. "We continue to enhance and fine tune our cloud enablement and services portfolio to become an even stronger partner to our customers along their cloud journey."

Updates to the tool include status and performance display of each cloud resource deployed, service health of the AWS server and estimated monthly consumption costs, and monthly cost trends.

The latest version of the platform can also calculate the costs associated with each individual application stack and offer detailed break-down of usage across cloud servers, elastic block storage (EBS) storage volumes, public IPs, key pairs, and security groups.

As part of its managed services portfolio, DISYS offers end-to-end architecture, design and implementation solutions for client workloads in public and private clouds.

The company designs and implements cloud architecture with client business, security, availability, performance, and scalability requirements in mind.

Earlier this year, DISYS announced the launch of REV, the company’s business intelligence (BI) accelerator tool made for SAP. REV analyzes the inventory of data to detect redundant and obsolete objects in the SAP BI landscape.

REV provides DISYS client’s faster access to relevant information, increasing the overall SAP BI system performance and enabling clients to make informed strategic decisions.

DISYS BI consultants can utilize this accelerator tool to better harmonize data across multiple platforms, streamlining processes for the customer, a company release noted.

DISYS’ focus on new development lead to the creation of its research and development arm, DISYS Labs, in 2011, which has developed several proprietary tools and applications to help DISYS’ customers derive additional benefits and value from their current technologies and tools.

The DISYS Labs division was created to help the company expand its position within the market as an engine of innovation and expertise by designing, developing and testing application add-ons, plug-ins and widgets.