DigitalPersona Debuts Centrally Managed System Access Recovery

The platform helps streamline auditing and reduces regulatory compliance risk through new reporting capabilities.

Authentication and endpoint protection solutions provider DigitalPersona announced the availability of the newest version of DigitalPersona Pro, a centrally managed security suite designed to enable midmarket enterprises and SMBs to protect data and control access to computers, networks and applications. DigitalPersona Pro now helps IT departments reduce the cost of handling password resets through new user self-service and IT-assisted system access recovery features.

Pro also helps streamline auditing and reduces regulatory compliance risk through new reporting capabilities. The suite offers centrally managed full-disk encryption, multi-credential authentication for Windows and applications, two-factor VPN authentication, and single sign-on (SSO). In addition, with DigitalPersona Pro, businesses can use fingerprint biometrics, smart cards and other forms of credentials to log into Windows, applications and networks.

Businesses can also combine the security of one-time passwords for remote access with the ease of use of these other forms of strong authentication. With DigitalPersona Pro, mobile notebook users can safely log into VPNs, Webmail and other RADIUS-compatible applications without having to carry hardware-based tokens or launch separate software token applications. DigitalPersona Pro's management software offers a choice of deployment options, from a browser-based service to fully integrated Active Directory snap-ins.

"Our officers and staff have more than 20 distinct usernames and passwords they need to use on a daily basis," said Sergeant Tom Bruce of the Cypress Police Department. "The access recovery capabilities in DigitalPersona Pro, in concert with its strong authentication, give us the advanced security we need along with the confidence that officers on patrol 24/7 won't get locked out of their laptops."

The latest version of DigitalPersona Pro is available from the company and its worldwide network of solution providers. It provides data protection and access control to individual or shared-user notebook and desktop computers running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. In addition, DigitalPersona Pro now supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

"IT security is growing more and more complex, particularly for our SMB and midmarket customers that have limited IT staff," said Bryan Boam, president of Network Consulting Services, a Utah-based reseller of DigitalPersona. "Organizations are required to add layers of security to protect confidential information, control access to business-critical systems and meet strict regulatory compliance requirements. DigitalPersona Pro is the only endpoint security suite we have found that increases the customer's -ease of use' as it increases security."

In an HTK published survey of support managers in more than 100 organizations, it was found that 82 percent of the organizations require employees to change passwords at least once a quarter in an effort to increase IT security. The integrated reporting in DigitalPersona Pro enables IT staff to track and validate information such as user log-ins, password resets, disk encryptions and other activities in order to report this information for compliance audits.

"With the latest additions we've made to DigitalPersona Pro, we are further providing midmarket and SMB customers with flexibility and control in how they manage data protection and access control," said Jim Fulton, vice president of marketing for DigitalPersona. "Our customers can choose to deploy either self-service or IT-assisted access recovery depending on their environment and needs, and can maintain an accurate assessment of who is accessing systems through our new reporting features. Combined with our central management options, and breadth of security applications supported, no other security suite delivers the value that we are delivering with DigitalPersona Pro."