Digium Adds Fixed Mobile Convergence to Switchvox

The latest version of Switchvox adds fixed mobile convergence and integration with third-party business applications.

Open-source telephony software developer Digium introduced Switchvox 5.0, an updated version that adds fixed mobile convergence and further integration with third-party business applications into its voice over IP unified communications solution designed for small and midsized businesses. The release is designed to enhance Switchvox mobility to allow users to integrate any type of phone with Switchvox.

Users can select up to six phones of any type, including VOIP, digital, analog, smartphone or a soft phone, to converge with their Switchvox extension. The user can now route, record or transfer calls at any location. Users of Switchvox SMB with active subscriptions can download version 5.0 to have access to these features at no cost, the company said. Current Switchvox SMB customers can access Switchvox 5.0 through their unit at no additional charge. For new Switchvox SMB customers, pricing starts at $3,195 for up to 30 users.

Switchvox 5.0 is based on Asterisk, Digium's open-source communications engine, and includes more APIs for greater customization and integration with third-party business applications, such as CRM, customer support, accounting and ERP systems. Switchvox 5.0 also features an enhanced user interface, more detailed reporting for calls and call queues, and detailed online support.

"Mobile and remote workers need to be just as productive outside the office as they are inside, seamlessly moving between the two," said Tristan Barnum, product line director for Switchvox at Digium. "Combined with a refreshed user interface that makes management simpler and faster, Switchvox also has a more powerful FMC (fixed mobile convergence) solution, unlike any on the market. With other UC (unified communications) offerings, this functionality is treated as an add-on, requiring expensive licensing, special hardware and hours of training. With Switchvox, all features are included. Additionally, we've created more APIs that allow you the flexibility you need to integrate with the software you already use to drive your business."

Key Switchvox 5.0 UC features include FMC, a built-in integration for six phones, allowing for transfers and recording from any phone, detailed call queue reports and logs providing granular call queue data for multiple queues and queue members, additional APIs and a newly refreshed Switchvox GUI designed to simplify the configuration for groups of users for administrators and users.

"We are excited about many aspects of Switchvox 5.0, from its new graphical user interface-a significant and pleasant redesign that users will embrace-to the improved call queue reporting and ability to make group changes to users on the system," said Jonathan Rusk, president of Chromis Technology, a telecommunications networking consultant and vendor. "We believe that the updated GUI and fixed mobile convergence will bring additional sales opportunities and increase our competitive edge."