Digium Debuts Switchvox 400 Series IP Phone Systems

The Switchvox 450 and Switchvox 470 offer server-class architectures, significantly more memory and enhanced processors.

Telephony hardware and Switchvox business phone systems manufacturer Digium announced the general availability of two Switchvox appliances designed to meet the Internet protocol (IP) phone system needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) while delivering expanded performance capabilities.

The Switchvox 450 and Switchvox 470 offer server-class architectures, significantly more memory, enhanced processors, more RAID options and solid state drives (SSD), allowing Switchvox to more than double the number of concurrent calls supported on the prior models.

Aimed at midsize or larger businesses, the 450 IP private branch exchange (PBX) supports up to 500 users in a single platform. The Switchvox 450 is currently available and is priced is $9,850. The Switchvox 470 provides the fastest processing power in the Switchvox product line for the most demanding applications, and supports up to 600 users in a single platform. The Switchvox 470 is also currently available and is priced at $12,975.

"Digium is broadening our line of phone systems to address the needs of larger and more complex UC requirements," Mark Amick, Digium's director of product management, said in a statement. "Incorporating all of the award-winning features of Switchvox into two new appliances provides the solutions that our customers and channel partners have requested to address larger applications at the best value for SMB business phone systems."

The Switchvox 400 products are complete business phone systems and include voice over IP (VoIP) and traditional calling capabilities, mobile applications and fixed mobile convergence, an interactive switchboard advanced interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities, integrated conferencing, video calling support, voicemail with email integration, built-in call queues, detailed reporting, one-touch and scheduled recordings, customer relationship management (CRM) integration, faxing, and Digium IP phone integration.

In addition to improved capacity and performance, the size of the appliances has been reduced by 46 percent, the weight by 37 percent, and the power consumption by 22 percent, according to a company release.

"Digium's Switchvox 470 supports our demanding requirements for multiple queue calls, call recordings, conference calls and customized switchboards for hundreds of users," Mike Pierce, advisory engineer of RuffaloCody, a strategic fundraising and enrollment management services and software company, said in a statement. "We have also incorporated the Digium IP Phones into our application for their seamless integration and high-quality voice calls to support our demanding call center needs. The Switchvox 470 and the Digium IP phones offer the easiest setup and installation possible while providing all of the features we need at an affordable price for our 500-plus employee network."