DSI Introduces Updated Virtual Tape Library

Data storage and backup firm Dynamic Solutions International announces three products aimed at providing storage solutions for cost-conscious businesses.

Data storage solutions specialist Dynamic Solutions International has announced the availability of its next-generation virtual tape library offering for data backup and recovery, DSI9000 Version 2.1, which it claims offers a more robust and streamlined backup process to ensure security and recovery.
The DSI9000 VTL series 2.1 includes a future-proof architecture, a broad array of redundant components and a user-friendly user interface. The solution is ideal for users considering either iSCSI/IP or Fibre Channel, according to DSI.

Version 2.1 provides seamless integration into an existing storage network and comes with features that allow small businesses to copy directly to back-end tape and optional features that provide data deduplication, encryption and replication functionality. DSI's Version 2.1 VTL appliances leverage a built-in high-speed disk to provision virtual tape drives to backup servers that are attached to an iSCSI/IP or Fibre Channel SAN (storage area network). DSI says there is no need to change existing backup software configurations with DSI's products.
"DSI is committed to offering our customers high performance and optimum recovery that is secure and seamlessly integrates into existing backup systems," said DSI's vice president of storage systems, Chris Johnson. "With data deduplication, back-end tape copy, encryption, replication and scalability options that are unmatched by any other disk-based appliance in its class, our new version of the DSI9000 VTL exceeds the requirements of data-intensive operations for a high speed, tape-free backup."
In addition to the DSI9000, the company has added two new appliances to the VTL family, the DSI9682 and the DSI9882, that help consolidate the management of backup resources, while also enhancing the reliability of backup operations and accelerating the speed of recovery. Both products are scalable for applications that range from SMB (small to medium-size business) to enterprise-class implementations and can scale from 24TB to 96TB, with support for 64,000 virtual cartridges. Emulating a variety of drives and libraries, the systems employ RAID data protection, 4Gb Fibre Channel iSCSI attachment, GUI management and partitioning.

In April, DSI introduced another storage solution software application, TapeManager. Marketed as a media management system designed to work exclusively with Unisys MCP- and MCPvm-based hosts, DSI's TapeManager 8 is scalable to fit growing capacity requirements and can integrate with virtual tape libraries, automated library systems and stand-alone tape drives.