Dynatrace Debuts App Monitoring, Digital Performance Platform

The platform allows digital businesses, development and IT operations to collaborate on a shared perspective focused on the end-user experience.

dynatrace and apps

Digital performance software specialist Dynatrace announced the release of its application monitoring and user experience management (UEM) platforms, which were designed to offer businesses a deeper level of visibility and insight into their customers' digital experience.

The customer experience cockpit enables business owners and IT professionals to gain unified and actionable intelligence—in real time—about their customers and the performance of the apps they are interacting with.

The platform allows digital business owners, development and IT operations to collaborate on a shared, real-time perspective focused on the user experience.

"The vast majority of organizations are depending on some form of digital channel to interact and transact with their customers or employees," Nicolas Robbe, chief marketing officer at Dynatrace, told eWEEK. "While industries like entertainment and retail have been leading the charge, every industry is embracing the digital age. From banking, insurance and manufacturing to health care and public agencies, every industry needs a solution that delivers full insight into every user experience—customer, employee or partner—to make sure they are delivering what users need, when they need it, regardless of device and geography."

The digital performance platform gives digital business owners a graphical, real-time view of their users' satisfaction, not just binary pass/fail metrics or page views.

Through visual tiles that analyze individual and aggregate data about customer journeys, line-of-business owners can understand users' actions across channels, device and connection types, and the experience delivered.

Users can track specific site visits, package technical details and context together, and send to IT with one click, and Dynatrace's big data analytics engine will now streamline data analysis for every user.

With prebuilt common-use cases, it pulls relevant information from millions of transactions in real time to enable multidimensional analytics to identify patterns, predict problems and make informed decisions.

In addition, new test overview and test results dashlets enable developer teams to track, compare and identify performance problems build per build, while a global resource view of application infrastructure enables infrastructure teams managing enterprise, virtual, hybrid and cloud-based systems to organize and monitor all of their infrastructure metrics in one unified dashboard.

Finally, updated UEM world and regional map views give line-of-business and IT leaders a quick view of their global users' experience, while support people can drill down to the individual-visit level with a single search term to see the contextual data around issues.