Dynatrace Debuts Solution Suite for Mobile App Readiness

The suite is designed to help organizations deliver scalable Web and mobile applications with confidence and continuously optimize their performance.

mobile apps and dynatrace

Dynatrace announced the availability of its load solution software suite, an end-to-end application testing and diagnostic solution.

The platform integrates synthetic traffic with in-depth application and transaction analytics and test management to drive optimal mobile and Web performance, especially during peak times such as the recent holiday shopping season.

The suite is designed to help organizations deliver scalable Web and mobile applications with confidence and continuously optimize their performance.

"The proliferation of new customer touch points and digital customer demands are stressing applications more than ever," Aaron Rudger, director of product marketing at Dynatrace, told eWEEK. "The Web applications of 2010 were not designed to handle the demands of today’s 3 billion smartphone users. And so with every adaptation companies makes to handle this scale—cloud bursting, mobile backend-as-a-service—it becomes increasingly difficult to determine if applications are ready to go."

The offering includes diagnostic-driven load testing analytics for websites and mobile apps incorporating Dynatrace PurePath and PureStack technology.

This option identifies abnormal application behaviors under load, pinpoints the root cause, and enables remediation before the application goes live. Subscriptions accommodate daily testing with point-and-click recording ease or JMeter-based scripting, the company said.

It also provides a consistent set of metrics across the entire software delivery pipeline, allowing application teams to collaborate, adapt and adjust based on the same information, from commit to production, with a complete feedback loop.

"The biggest risk to mobile initiative success for a small company is failing to anticipate the expectations of their customers for an awesome experience," Rudger said. "The bar is high—81 percent of Millennials will abandon transactions and shop elsewhere if a mobile site or mobile app is buggy, slow or prone to crashes, and over half are likely to broadcast their complaints about poor online shopping experiences on social media."

Dynatrace is also offering Load Insights, a fully managed service option featuring the company’s visitor behavior modeling capabilities for heightened performance realism, where experienced load testing consultants plan, execute and analyze test cycles.

"Developers are increasingly taking responsibility for testing and diagnostics, so the future is really all about enabling them with more production-like feedback on their code’s ability to perform and scale earlier in the lifecycle," he said. "They need data in the context of every build, and every user touch point—Web, mobile and machine APIs. And, these diagnostics need to accommodate the ephemeral nature of app/service containers that are ideal for use in development and testing environments."