eBridge Releases Salesforce.com ePortal Connector Application

Software integration company eBridge offers a connector application to companies looking to connect to Salesforce.com.

Accounting software integration specialist eBridge Software announced it has released a new connector application that will allow ePortal users to access Salesforce.com data through the Software-as-a-Service ePortal. The company said this new composite application will allow small to medium-size businesses to further streamline their data input and order generation.

Small businesses can, either manually or automatically on a user-defined daily schedule, transfer Salesforce.com opportunities, generate sales orders, and transfer account and contact information into their accounting system. Users can also pull data from Salesforce.com based on the opportunity status and order number including a date range. Additionally, any custom fields for those accounts and opportunities will be included in the transfer.

The ePortal SAAS platform provides the ability to view inbound and outbound documents in a user-friendly format from any remote station that has access to the Internet. Web-friendly interface forms are used to enter data for outbound documents, which are then sent to the trading partner in the required EDI format. The ePortal SAAS solution uses soft-coded ANSI X12, EDIFACT and others.

"eBridge remains committed to building valuable new connections that assist small and medium-sized businesses, and this new application is another step in that direction," said Dave Malda, marketing coordinator at eBridge Software. "This is just another way for these companies to further streamline their business processes by leveraging our ePortal solution."

Malda said this new application will benefit end users in a host of ways, including efficiencies gained in account and contact management through an automated process, improved order management, and the elimination of duplicate data entry between the accounting system and Salesforce.com. This composite application is compatible with all 35 accounting packages currently supported by eBridge, including Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, Microsoft Dynamics, Intuit and SAP.

Earlier this year the company announced compatibility of the ePortal platform with BlackBerry devices as well as Apple's iPhone, giving midmarket companies the ability to instantaneously review noncompliant documents, receive notification and immediately review and correct errors for noncompliant EDI documents anywhere and any time, and provide constant monitoring.

eBridge CEO Colin Brown said having the ePortal as a Web-based (SAAS) solution enables eBridge to ensure a client can use the latest advances in mobile technology to access their mission-critical business documents. "Extending the reach of integration as a service [IAAS] to the SME market is a critical component moving forward" he said. "This enhancement of mobile functionality will allow our clients to leverage the software-as-a-service model well beyond the capabilities of the traditional applications on the market today."