Edgecore Networks Debuts End-to-End ISP Network Solutions

At the CoomunicAsia exhibition in Singapore, Edgecore Networks demonstrated a series of end-to-end solutions designed for SOHO and cost-conscious businesses.

Edgecore Networks, a provider of wired and wireless networking products, showcased its end-to-end solutions for ISPs, enterprises, SMBs and small office/home office (SOHO) organizations at the CommunicAsia 2010 exhibition in Singapore.
During the exhibition, the Accton Technology subsidiary demonstrated its networking topologies from the core data center network conducted by a 48-port 10 Gigabit data center switch, link through carrier aggregation network with a series of L3 carrier-grade metro access switches forming a 10 Gigabit aggregation ring and a Gigabit aggregation ring, respectively, to deal with different packet traffic. At the end, it goes to the last-mile access network composed by a good variety of Edgecore L2 switches and SMC WiFi broadband routers.
"We try to simulate the real installation architecture for ISPs from the core to edge network and further to show how can we help ISP customers to build up a rather cost-effective and reliable network infrastructures with our complete end-to-end solutions converged by the matrix of various technologies including fiber, Ethernet, xDSL, WiFi and 3G," said Charles Chen, senior sales director of Edgecore Networks. "We are able to meet different deployments needs for any next-generation network architecture."
Chen said cloud computing is no longer just a concept, but a real environment that affects every aspect of networking deployment requirements. "We see the strong market demands of building up a rather reliable, secure and high-speed data center than before, not to mention the increasing demands of building up high-speed and high-bandwidth IP networks in every corner of the city for ISPs to serve Triple Play and even Quadruple Play services," he said. "As one of the few networking companies that can offer a total solution from wire to wireless, from edge to core, we are confident in playing an important role in the market."
Earlier this year, the company announced it will enable partners to deliver 10G performance to meet customer demands for use of installed Cat6a infrastructure with the launch of its 10GBASE-T uplink module, the SMC10BTMOD. The module enables dual 10G uplink capabilities and non-blocking stacking on the company's existing family of TigerStack 1000 26- and 50-port SMC89-series managed switches.
In addition to supporting the 10GBASE-T module, the TigerStack II 1000 incorporates four combination SFP and two special stacking ports that allow greater than 10G stacking capabilities for a non-blocking switch architecture. The objective of the TigerStackII 1000 (89-Series) is to create a platform that can grow as Edgecore's partners and their customers grow, explained Keith Alexis, the company's senior vice president.