Elastica Unveils CloudSOC Cloud Security Platform

The company also announced that it has raised $6.3 million in Series A funding from the Mayfield Fund.

Cloud application security specialist Elastica emerged from stealth mode and released its CloudSOC solution for making cloud applications and services secure for use by companies and their employees.

The company also released four Elastica applications on CloudSOC that provide audit for cloud application usage and shadow IT, granular transaction visibility, real time threat detection, security controls and post-incident forensics analysis capabilities.

The audit app provides instant insights and analytics about cloud services being used throughout the company. Users can also view associated business-readiness scores for thousands of cloud services based on more than 50 risk attributes.

The Detect app lets users zero-in on threats in enterprise cloud application and service usage. Data science algorithms assign ThreatScore scores in real-time, which can be used to trigger automated policies to alert on or block threats.

The Investigate app lets organizations pursue post-incident investigations and forensic analysis across all cloud applications on all historical data, with visualization, free-form search and extensive filtering criteria.

Finally, the protection app gives users the ability to enforce policies on real-time traffic sessions with cloud services, automatically translating and enforcing global policies across multiple cloud services at the same time.

CloudSOC provides security operations for the cloud applications and services in one place. Offered as a cloud-based service, the platform applies the power of data science on data coming from multiple sources, including real time traffic, application programming interfaces (APIs), firewalls and end-devices to enable security.

"Cloud and mobile has brought the promise of a truly elastic enterprise. Such an enterprise empowers employees to collaborate from anywhere using any device, enables efficient consumption of business resources as needed, and improves overall business agility," Rehan Jalil, the company’s president and CEO, said in a statement. "Elastica eliminates the security hurdle to enable a safe and secure elastic enterprise."

Elastica has more than 65 team members with expertise in data science, big data analytics, security, real-time stream processing, modern visualization and web-scale deployments.Zulfikar Ramzan recently joined as CTO. He was previously the chief scientist at Sourcefire, which was later acquired by Cisco, and Immunet, where he led machine learning implementations for advanced persistent threats.

The company also announced that it has raised $6.3 million in Series A funding from the Mayfield Fund. Elastica’s advisory board includes Rayid Ghani, chief scientist of the Obama 2012 Campaign, Tom Reilly, former CEO of Arcsight and current CEO of Cloudera, M.C. Srivas, founder of MapR, and Ion Stoica, a professor at the University of California Berkeley.

"We are focused on enabling the Elastic Enterprise, where companies can achieve the business agility, collaborative capabilities and cost efficiencies to effectively compete in today's market," Jalil said. "By harnessing advanced data science and machine learning, our unique solution provides a missing piece to securing cloud services and applications so that this vision of an Elastic Enterprise can become reality."