Emerson Network Power Releases 10G AdvancedTCA Switch Blade Drives

The ATCA-F125 is designed to enable network equipment manufacturers to combine many functions on a single blade.

Emerson Network Power, a division of Emerson and a specialist in business-critical continuity solutions, announced its latest and most cost-effective 10G AdvancedTCA (switch blade, the ATCA-F125. The ATCA-F125 is designed to enable network equipment manufacturers to combine many functions on a single blade so that available slots can be filled with revenue-generating application blades. The architecture of the ATCA-F125 is complementary to the recently launched 40G ATCA switch blade, the ATCA-F140, allowing a common software environment to be used for both.

Offering multiple functional options to optimize its use, the new switch blade also offers an on-board Freescale QorIQ P2020 device, which acts as a service processor to execute all switch functions, blade setup and hardware platform management functions. This component allows the end user application to make full use of processors and storage using AdvancedMC (AMC) modules. Optional functionality includes telecom clock generation and distribution, SATA-based hard drive devices (HDDs), and an AMC site for general processing and/or packet processing functions. AMC packet processing also allows telecommunications control and data plane applications to be combined on a single blade.

Various options and features can be configured on the ATCA-F125 using the embedded ATCA Basic Blade Services (BBS) software package. When combined with the hardware, the BBS creates a fully integrated and verified switch-blade infrastructure for ATCA platforms. As with all Emerson Network Power ATCA switch blades, the ATCA-F125 is designed for NEBS and ETSI compliance. Sampling of the ATCA-F125 switch blade is currently underway, with worldwide general market availability expected later this month. The blade will also be integrated with the next release (R2.0) of the company's Centellis 4410 ATCA platform core.

The company also introduced Smart Solutions, a family of intelligent, integrated infrastructure systems for the data center. As part of the family, the company also introduced the SmartRow and SmartMod offerings. SmartRow is a standalone data center infrastructure that supports up to 20kW of IT equipment in an enclosed, multi-rack configuration with integrated power, cooling, infrastructure management and fire suppression. The SmartMod offering is an intelligent, integrated infrastructure included in a rapid-deployment enclosure, which can be used to supplement existing data center capacity or can be deployed as a standalone, remote data center or disaster recovery site.

"Our customers are looking for greater economy and efficiency in their data centers, interoperability with existing systems and more control over their IT environments," said Jeff Sturgeon, vice president of solutions and marketing, Emerson Network Power, Liebert power and cooling business, North America. "Delivering a new level of modularity, scalability and flexibility, in addition to the four attributes-efficient, economical, interoperable and controllable-these new solutions will serve as guiding principles as we expand the family of Smart Solutions."