Entuity Offers Network Management Software

Eye of the Storm Network Professional Edition, a network management solution from Entuity, offers cost-conscious businesses a way to more effectively manage their network.

Network management and service delivery specialist Entuity announced Eye of the Storm Network Professional Edition, a network management solution designed to help small to medium-size businesses on three fronts: automation, accuracy and deep functionality for management to keep networks optimally performing.

EYE NPE will be available June 26, and runs on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and VMware ESX Server. The software supports up to 7,500 managed objects on a single server and is priced at $22,500. The software automatically surveys the network in real time, updating maps, topology, inventory details and forensics without the manual loading of device lists.

EYE NPE also includes user-configurable views, which represent any logical collection of devices or segmentation of the network. Views represent a higher abstraction of the network - a business unit, a building or a particular floor or department - then the software collects and reports operational metrics matching specified business processes. Built in reports with a scheduler are also available to automate reporting and distribution.

Steve Thompson, vice president of information services for Pacific Crest Securities, a beta tester of EYE NPE, said the software was easy to use, with a clean and fast interface. "Given its broad functionality, EYE NPE is obviously a solution with an enterprise heritage, yet it is remarkably quick and intuitive to set up," he said.

"The midmarket is traditionally underserved when it comes to the completeness and sophistication of network management solutions," said Enterprise Management Associates senior analyst Jim Frey. "Frameworks offer broad functionality but often require substantial upfront and continued investment while entry-level and open-source solutions offer low upfront costs but are typically narrower in focus - requiring manual processes to fill the gaps."

However, Frey points out midmarket companies have the same needs as enterprise-level firms when it comes to optimizing their networks. "Entuity is on the right track to answer this challenge, bringing the enterprise-class capabilities of their well-known Eye of the Storm solutions to the mid-tier in a richly featured product form that is focused on affordability, fast deployment, and quick return on investment," he said.

Entuity President and CEO Michael Jannery said if midmarket companies don't have real-time insight into every single aspect of their network, the management budget could be better spent. "We understand that in this economy, nearly all IT professionals are under pressure to cut costs - especially those within SMEs or single departments of larger enterprises," he said. "But, in an effort to ensure that every dollar counts, network administrators should ask themselves: am I giving up more than I need to stay within budget?"